49 Facts About KLM


KLM is headquartered in Amstelveen, with its hub at nearby Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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KLM operates scheduled passenger and cargo services to 145 destinations.

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The first experimental transatlantic KLM flight was between Amsterdam and Curacao in December 1934 using the Fokker F XVIII "Snip".

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KLM was the first airline to serve Manchester's new Ringway airport, starting June 1938.

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KLM was the only civilian airline to receive the Douglas DC-5; the airline used two of them in the West Indies and sold two to the East Indies government, and is thus the only airline to have operated all Douglas 'DC' models other than the DC-1.

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On 21 May 1946, KLM was the first continental European airline to start scheduled transatlantic flights between Amsterdam and New York City using Douglas DC-4 aircraft.

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Plesman wanted KLM to remain a private company under private control; he allowed the Dutch government to acquire a minority stake in the airline.

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KLM's fleet expanded with the addition of new versions of the Lockheed Constellation and Lockheed Electra, of which KLM was the first European airline to fly.

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In 1966, KLM introduced the Douglas DC-9 on European and Middle East routes.

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In 1983, KLM took delivery of the first of ten Airbus A310 passenger jets.

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In December 1991, KLM was the first European airline to introduce a frequent flyer loyalty program, which was called Flying Dutchman.

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On 1 November 1999, KLM founded AirCares, a communication and fundraising platform supporting worthy causes and focusing on underprivileged children.

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Since 5 May 2004, Air France–KLM has been listed on the Euronext exchanges in Paris, Amsterdam and New York.

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In March 2007, KLM started to use the Amadeus reservation system, along with partner Kenya Airways.

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On 20 February 2013, KLM announced that Peter Hartman would resign as president and CEO of KLM on 1 July 2013.

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On 15 October 2014, KLM announced that Eurlings, in joint consultation with the supervisory board, had decided to immediately resign as president and CEO.

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KLM received the award for "Best Airline Staff Service" in Europe at the World Airline Awards 2013.

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On 19 June 2012, KLM made the first transatlantic flight fueled partly by sustainable biofuels to Rio de Janeiro.

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In 2019, KLM celebrated its centennial, as it was founded in 1919.

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On December 16,2021, Air France-KLM announced an order for 100 Airbus A320neos to be divided between Transavia and KLM.

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In July 2022, KLM was forced to cut their summer schedule due to disruption at airports across Europe.

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The supervision and management of KLM are structured in accordance with the two-tier model; the Board of Managing Directors is supervised by a separate and independent Supervisory Board.

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KLM Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary registered in Taiwan.

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KLM has utilized several major liveries since its founding, with numerous variations on each.

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Since 1971, the KLM livery has primarily featured a bright blue fuselage, with variations on the striping and details.

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The KLM logo was placed centrally on the white tail and the front of the fuselage.

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In December 2002, KLM introduced an updated livery in which the white strip was removed and the dark-blue cheatline was significantly narrowed.

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The KLM logo was placed more centrally on the fuselage while its position on the tail and the tail design remained the same.

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In 2014, KLM modified its livery with a swooping cheatline that wraps around the entire forward fuselage.

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KLM has used several slogans for marketing throughout its operational history:.

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KLM has an extensive presence on social media platforms and runs a blog.

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KLM has developed several services based on these social platforms, including:.

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In June 2013, KLM launched its own 3D strategy game "Aviation Empire" for iOS and Android platforms.

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In June 2019, Air France–KLM announced that KLM will not take up any of the group's ordered A350s, because of fleet rationalization purposes.

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In December 2021, Air France-KLM ordered 100 Airbus A320neo family aircraft to replace KLM and Transavia's Boeing 737 Next Generation and Air France's Airbus A320's.

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KLM has several aircraft painted in special liveries; they include:.

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KLM has three cabin classes for international long-haul routes; World Business Class, Economy Comfort and Economy.

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In March 2013, KLM introduced a new World Business Class seat to the long-haul fleet.

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In 2022, KLM announced they would retrofit their long haul fleet to include Premium Comfort.

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KLM provides a selection of international newspapers to its passengers on long-haul flights; on short-haul flights they are offered only to Europe Business Class passengers.

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KLM partnered with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to design the tableware of World and European Business Class.

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Meals served on KLM flights departing from Amsterdam are provided by KLM Catering Services.

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In September 2016, KLM launched the world's first in-flight draft beer under the partnership with Heineken.

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Since the 1950s, KLM has presented its World Business Class passengers with a Delft blue miniature traditional Dutch house.

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In 1952, KLM started to give the houses to its First Class passengers.

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KLM did not bill the Delft Blue houses as a gift, but as a last drink on the house, which was served in the house.

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KLM offers various check-in methods to its passengers, who can check in for their flights at self-service check-in kiosks at the airport, via the Internet, or a mobile telephone or tablet.

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In November 2012, KLM started a pilot scheme at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to test self-service boarding.

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KLM is the first airline to offer self-service transfer kiosks on its European and intercontinental routes for passengers connecting through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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