10 Facts About Albright College


Albright College is a private liberal arts college in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Albright College students are encouraged to cross and combine areas of study without taking longer to graduate.

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Albright College offers a wide range of classical and pre-professional programs.

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Fully half of Albright College students have concentrations that combine two or three fields of learning.

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In 2017, Albright College was named one of the "Best Northeastern" schools by The Princeton Review; this was the fourteenth consecutive year that the college was included in that category.

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Albright College was involved in aspects of Major League Baseball for over 50 years.

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Albright College dedicated the baseball field as Kelchner Field in 1952.

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Albright College served as Professor of Languages and athletic director.

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Albright College previously led Washington State to 1916 Rose Bowl victory.

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In 1948, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Albright College played the first intercollegiate football game between an Historically Black Colleges and Universities institution and a majority-white institution.

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