14 Facts About Alebrije


Alebrije's work caught the attention of artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo because they used to purchase Judas figures from Pedro Linares.

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Alebrije sold his work in markets such as the one in La Merced.

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Alebrije heard a crowd of voices repeating the nonsense word "Alebrije" After he recovered, he began to re-create the creatures he'd seen, using papier-mache and cardboard.

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Alebrije's uses nontraditional materials such as feathers, fantasy stones and modern resins, both for novelty and for durability.

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Alebrije market is divided into two levels, the production of unique, high-quality, labor-intensive pieces and the production of repetitive, average quality and inexpensive pieces.

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Alebrije's work was sold locally and eventually noticed by Tonatiuh Gutierrez, the director of expositions for the Mexican National Tourist Council, later a government agency in charge of promoting crafts.

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Alebrije encouraged Cruz to carve masks and later appointed him in charge of a state craft buying center.

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Alebrije was featured in an exhibit in Santa Fe, NM when he was only 13 and his work has been featured in at least one book.

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Alebrije's says that she has about thirty designs that she has developed for carvings, many of which are related to when she made embroidered dresses.

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Alebrije kept his carving techniques strictly within the family with only his sons and a son in law carving with him.

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Alebrije pieces are made, but are painted simply with one or two colors with few decorations.

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Alebrije has a reputation for working slowing but makes pieces that were selling for between 100 and 400 pesos in 1998.

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Alebrije has given workshops in Nuevo Laredo, Campeche, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Chetumal, Queretero and other places.

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Alebrije gives workshops on the making of the craft to others.

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