58 Facts About Alexz Johnson


Alexzandra Spencer Johnson was born on November 4,1986 and is a Canadian musician, actress, and philanthropist.

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Alexz Johnson was nominated three times for a Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series, winning the award in 2008.

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Alexz Johnson was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, and raised in nearby Coquitlam.

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The sixth of ten children, Alexz Johnson says her family embraced the arts and being creative.

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Locally, Alexz Johnson was often referred to as the "West Coast Celine" and sang the Canadian National Anthem at games for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies.

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Alexz Johnson performed at charity events and fairs around the province, in addition to the BC Summer Games recording their theme song, "Reach for the Stars".

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Alexz Johnson went on to appear on the Variety Club show singing a duet with Bob McGrath, sang the first set of songs at the Molson Indy, and entertained on New Year's Eve at Planet Hollywood at the age of 12.

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Alexz Johnson landed auditions for commercials and a television pilot entitled "Most Talented Kids".

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Alexz Johnson auditioned for the Disney Channel original series So Weird, which was casting for a lead actress who could sing for the final season of the show.

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At the age of 13, Alexz Johnson replaced the lead character in the Disney Channel series So Weird for the show's final season.

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Alexz Johnson portrayed the lead role of Annie Thelen, which combined her acting and musical talents.

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Alexz Johnson showed an interest in songwriting, co-writing one of the songs for the show.

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On July 22,2000, Alexz Johnson was featured in Billboard for the first time, she went on to be featured in sixteen different issues.

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Alexz Johnson's highest ranking was number two in "The Top 10 Favorite Artist Picks" for "The Most Popular New Talent on Broadband Talent Net" as of June 2,2001 after 33 weeks on.

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Alexz Johnson's song "Wishing On A Star" came in at number five in the same issue.

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Alexz Johnson continued to work with her brother Brendan recording their own music.

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In 2019 in an interview with The So Weird Podcast, Alexz Johnson confirmed that her So Weird and Cold Squad co-star Belinda Metz played a key role in her landing the role of Jude Harrison in Instant Star.

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In February 2004, Alexz Johnson sent in an audition tape to the producers of Degrassi: The Next Generation for their upcoming show Instant Star.

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Alexz Johnson sang all of the songs that her character Jude, on Instant Star performed on the show.

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Alexz Johnson recorded soundtracks for each of the four seasons of Instant Star: Songs from Instant Star, Songs from Instant Star Two, Songs from Instant Star Three, and Songs From Instant Star Four.

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In early 2006, Alexz Johnson announced she was leaving the indie Canadian label Orange Records that released the first two soundtracks to Instant Star, in search of something to showcase her as an artist and not her fictional counterpart, Jude Harrison.

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Alexz Johnson auditioned for the role of Julie Christensen in the thriller Final Destination 3.

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Alexz Johnson showed up at the audition in an all-black, punk rockish outfit, later claiming that she was in a bad mood.

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Alexz Johnson continued with Instant Star for four seasons, and expected to return for a fifth.

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Alexz Johnson confirmed that all of her songs had been written and recorded.

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Alexz Johnson planned on shopping for a label over the next few months and hoped to release the album in the winter.

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Producer for the album became Greg Wells after Alexz Johnson was introduced to him through his brother Rob Wells, one of the songwriters for Instant Star.

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Alexz Johnson appeared in the hit CW series Smallville episode "Legion", as the superheroine Saturn Girl.

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Alexz Johnson was the second actress from Instant Star to appear in the show, the first one being Laura Vandervoort.

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Alexz Johnson appeared in the TV-movie version of the Lois Duncan novel Stranger With My Face, in which she plays twin sisters who were separated at birth.

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Alexz Johnson stated that the filming—which included a dramatic scene in which her two characters conflict through astral projection, leading to a fall off a cliff and into a waterfall—was so mentally and physically demanding, that she felt like she could never take on another role like it again.

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Alexz Johnson informed her fans through her Twitter account and her official website that all the songs from Voodoo would be remixed by the Demolition Crew due to lack of airplay.

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Alexz Johnson later released her remix album Reloaded, it was released on April 26,2011.

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Alexz Johnson became a trending topic on Twitter for four days, due to the ABC Family television series Pretty Little Liars, playing "Time to Be Your 21", a song performed by Johnson in the series Instant Star, in the season finale.

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Lovato has spoken several times about Alexz Johnson being her inspiration to start a career in music, while Furtado spoke about her single "Look at Those Eyes" calling it "an event".

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Alexz Johnson created a YouTube account where she posts videos of herself performing along with her brother Brendan James Alexz Johnson, and Jimmy Robbins.

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On June 22,2011, Alexz Johnson held two live concerts on Stage It for fans around the world.

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In June 2011 it was announced that Alexz Johnson would sing on the opening theme song of the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 11.

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Alexz Johnson revealed that she is writing for her next album and hoping to enter the studio by the end of the Summer to start recording.

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Alexz Johnson confirmed that it would originally be a digital release, and following her Kickstarters Campaign, a physical release would follow.

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Alexz Johnson unexpectedly reached her goal within 24 hours, confirming her ability to tour during the summer of 2012.

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Alexz Johnson reached $50,000 on day three, allowing her the opportunity to expand the tour and travel overseas.

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On October 26,2012, Alexz Johnson released a trailer for The Skipping Stone Tour Documentary which chronicles her summer on tour.

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Alexz Johnson released a live album, Live From The Skipping Stone Tour, a documentary, and a photo book containing photos from The Skipping Stone Tour on December 4,2012.

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Alexz Johnson worked with Bleu, Boots Ottestad, Wax Ltd, Jamie Hartman, Theo Katzman, and her brother Brendan James Johnson on writing the Extended-Play.

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Alexz Johnson later announced that she would collaborate with her fans in funding her next studio project through PledgeMusic.

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Alexz Johnson launched a joint North American tour with Charlene Kaye, Misty Boyce, and Jay Stolar in the spring of 2013.

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On January 29,2014, Alexz Johnson released the Extended-Play Heart, initially to pledgers only.

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Alexz Johnson was the opening act for MAX on a North American tour.

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From February to March 2015, Alexz Johnson had a five-week residency at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA.

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On May 24,2016, Alexz Johnson made her directorial debut with "Weekend" a music video for the band Dress Black.

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Alexz Johnson began working on her third studio album, with Mark Howard producing the record.

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Alexz Johnson could be seen in 2001 during her episode with Disney Channel's Express Yourself citing Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Sarah McLachlan as vocal influences.

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Alexz Johnson is an admirer of Jason Mraz, The Civil Wars, and Sara Bareilles.

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Alexz Johnson made an apology on her site and provided refunds to everyone who ordered one.

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The trip was made as a part of an outreach program by Disney Channel, and Alexz Johnson visited children, with the dog who starred in the Disney original film Air Bud.

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In 2002, Alexz Johnson shared the stage with David Foster, Michael Buble, and Ed McMahon at a David Foster Foundation fundraiser.

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Alexz Johnson worked with David Foster, opening for his charity events for the David Foster Foundation.

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