14 Facts About All-New X-Men


All-New X-Men realizes that they are real and lack context to the position he is in.

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The young All-New X-Men are confused by Magneto's willingness to flee from a fight and surprised that Cyclops attacked them.

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Time displaced All-New X-Men are later seen in the Danger Room doing an exercise on a sentinel attack.

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All-New X-Men's is stopped by the Scarlet Witch, and the situation is explained to her, although she is furious and distraught.

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All-New X-Men decides to try his luck with the ladies before he turns blue and has no chance.

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All-New X-Men's then gets stabbed by Raze Darkholme, who shapeshifted into Scott.

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Charles then forces the All-New X-Men to fight each other, but the Brotherhood, no longer under Charles' control, fight him.

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All-New X-Men's takes away Jean's telepathy and forces her to face off with The Blob using only her telekinesis and wits.

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All-New X-Men are able to track Cyclops into the Catacombs of Paris.

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All-New X-Men is in critical condition from a cave-in, so Beast tried to use the best modern medicine has to offer to revive him.

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All-New X-Men gives Beast the Third Eye of Horus to show him the realm between science and mysticism.

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All-New X-Men uses his powers to calm the NuHuman, explaining that his is an emotional empath.

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All-New X-Men's attempts fail and he is suddenly attacked by a huge demon.

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Entire All-New X-Men team find themselves hunted on two fronts with one group being the mutant-hunter known as Ahab from a dark possible future where he has turned various mutants into his 'hounds' to hunt their fellows, and another being a younger version of Cable who is so determined to send the young All-New X-Men back to their own time that he actually kills his own future self to stop him interfering, as well as performing 'surgery' to restore Warren's original feathered wings.

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