11 Facts About Alp Khan


Alp Khan was a general and brother-in-law of the Delhi Sultanate ruler Alauddin Khalji.

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Alp Khan served as Alauddin's governor of Gujarat, and held considerable influence at the royal court of Delhi during the last years of Alauddin's life.

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Alp Khan was executed on the charges of conspiring to kill Alauddin, possibly because of a conspiracy by Malik Kafur.

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Alp Khan was originally named Junaid, and was later called Malik Sanjar.

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Alp Khan appears to have come from a family of Khalji chiefs.

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Alp Khan's sister married Alauddin: Khizr Khan was the issue of this marriage.

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The Jain works praise Alp Khan for allowing reconstruction of the shrines destroyed by the Muslim conquerors.

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Alp Khan's forces invaded Baglana, where the Vaghela king Karna had been given a principality by the Devagiri ruler Ramachandra.

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Alp Khan's soldiers were unable to apprehend Karna, but managed to capture Karna's daughter Devaladevi.

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Alp Khan sent her to Delhi, where she was married to his nephew Khizr Khan.

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Alp Khan's daughters married Alauddin's sons Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan.

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