10 Facts About Amazon Appstore


Amazon Appstore is an app store for the Android operating system operated by Amazon.

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The Amazon Appstore provides official apps for the Fire Tablets, instead of the Google Play app store used on other Android devices.

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Alongside the tablet was a new design for the Amazon Appstore, intended to better integrate with the tablet's user interface.

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In May 2013, Amazon Appstore introduced Amazon Appstore Coins as a form of payment for purchasing apps, games, and in-app purchases from the store.

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Amazon Appstore stated that the service had been in decline, partly due to many apps not supporting the feature, and the increasing prevalence of the "free-to-play" business model making it obsolete.

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The main concerns about the conditions were that Appstore terms force developers to permanently lower their AppStore prices if ever they do promotions on other stores, and that Amazon could choose to lower the price of an application while deciding to reduce the developer's share without having to ask permission.

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In July 2011, the Swedish developer Bithack pulled its Apparatus application from the Amazon Appstore and published an open letter explaining that the store was a "disaster" for indie developers.

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The main problems related to the very slow review process, the absence of any means to filter unsupported devices, and that Amazon Appstore changed the price of the application without consulting the developer, leading to the IGDA reiterating its warnings concerning Amazon Appstore's policy .

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Amazon Appstore claimed that the term was too generic to be trademarked, and asked the judge to dismiss the suit.

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Apple responded to Amazon Appstore's attempted dismissal of the lawsuit by claiming that Amazon Appstore was tarnishing the trademark by using the name.

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