11 Facts About Amdahl Corporation


Amdahl Corporation was an information technology company which specialized in IBM mainframe-compatible computer products, some of which were regarded as supercomputers competing with those from Cray Research.

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From its first machine in 1975, Amdahl Corporation's business was to provide mainframe computers that were plug-compatible with contemporary IBM mainframes, but offering higher reliability, running somewhat faster, and costing somewhat less.

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Gene Amdahl Corporation was committed to expanding the capabilities of the uniprocessor mainframe during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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Amdahl Corporation engineers, working with Fujitsu circuit designers, developed unique, air-cooled chips which were based on high-speed emitter-coupled logic circuit macros.

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Amdahl Corporation pioneered a variable-speed feature - the '470 accelerator' - on the V5 and V7 systems that allowed the customer to run the CPUs at the higher level of performance of the V6 and V8 systems, respectively, when desired.

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Some at Amdahl Corporation thought this feature would anger customers, but it became quite popular as customer management could now control expenses while still having greater performance available when necessary.

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Gene Amdahl Corporation left the company he founded in August 1979 to start Trilogy Systems.

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Along the way, Amdahl Corporation came to believe that its best bet at competing with IBM head-to-head was to "bulk up, " in particular, executing a merger with a well-known vendor in the enterprise storage space.

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Amdahl Corporation first attempted a merger with one of the largest of these vendors, Memorex, in 1979.

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Amdahl Corporation perhaps enjoyed its best success during IBM's transition from bipolar to CMOS technology in the early to mid-1990s.

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Amdahl Corporation failed in its effort to introduce its ObjectStar software during this period and the product later became the object of a successful management buyout.

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