11 Facts About American Bandstand


American Bandstand premiered locally in late March 1952 as Bandstand on Philadelphia television station WFIL-TV Channel 6, as a replacement for a weekday movie that had shown predominantly British films.

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American Bandstand was reportedly involved in a prostitution ring and brought up on morals charges.

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One market not telecasting American Bandstand was Baltimore, Maryland, as local affiliate WAAM elected to produce a local dance show in the same afternoon time slot.

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Acts debuting on American Bandstand appeared on Deane's program, but were asked to not mention their previous appearance with Clark while on the Baltimore show.

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American Bandstand originally used "High Society" by Artie Shaw as its theme song, but by the time the show went national, it had been replaced by various arrangements of Charles Albertine's "American Bandstand Boogie", including Les Elgart's big-band recording remembered by viewers of the daily version.

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From 1974 to 1977, there was a newer, orchestral disco version of "American Bandstand Boogie", arranged and performed by Joe Porter, played during the opening and closing credits.

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The combined impact of American Bandstand's move to California and the Beatles' arrival devastated Cameo-Parkway and inflicted permanent damage to the artists signed to the label.

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In September 1964, American Bandstand began using a new logo based on the ABC circle logo, reading "ab" in the same typeface followed by a number representing the year the show aired.

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American Bandstand'story goes back and forth with the timing and motives of the integration, but nevertheless, American Bandstand socially impacted teenagers' opinions regarding race.

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American Bandstand played a crucial role in introducing Americans to such famous artists as Prince, Jackson 5, Sonny and Cher, Aerosmith, and John Lydon's PiL—all of whom made their American TV debuts on the show.

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American Bandstand was a daily ritual for many teenagers throughout the nation.

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