13 Facts About Amherst Massachusetts


Amherst Massachusetts is located in the Pioneer Valley, which encompasses Hampshire, Hampden and Franklin counties.

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Amherst Massachusetts was first visited by Europeans no later than 1665, when Nathaniel Dickinson surveyed the lands for its mother town Hadley.

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Amherst Massachusetts was Commander-in-Chief of the forces of North America during the French and Indian War who, according to popular legend, singlehandedly won Canada for the British and banished France from North America.

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Baron Amherst Massachusetts actually remained in the service of the Crown during the war—albeit in Great Britain rather than North America—where he organized the defense against the proposed Franco-Spanish Armada of 1779.

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Amherst Massachusetts is infamous for recommending, in a letter to a subordinate, the use of smallpox-covered blankets in warfare against the Native Americans along with any "other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race".

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In 1953, Amherst Massachusetts voters passed the "Town Manager Act", which established the office of a town manager and reduced a number of elected positions.

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In 2001, the League of Women Voters Amherst Massachusetts made a number of recommendations that were adopted in 2001 in the form of a revised "Amherst Massachusetts Town Government Act".

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Amherst Massachusetts has a humid continental climate that under the Koppen system marginally falls into the warm-summer category .

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Under the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone system, Amherst is in zone 5b; however, Amherst closely borders zone 6a, which penetrates into Massachusetts in the Connecticut River Valley, and climate change may be shifting those zones.

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Major employers in Amherst include University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst College, William D Mullins Memorial Center, Hampshire College, and Amherst-Pelham Regional School District.

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Amherst Massachusetts has a town council for its legislative branch and a town manager for its executive branch.

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Amherst Massachusetts has a five-member housing authority where three of the five members are elected by voters.

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Amherst Massachusetts has 3 elementary schools: Crocker Farm Elementary School, Fort River Elementary School, and Wildwood Elementary School serving K–5.

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