16 Facts About Pioneer Valley


Pioneer Valley is the colloquial and promotional name for the portion of the Connecticut River Valley that is in Massachusetts in the United States.

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The upper Pioneer Valley region includes the smaller cities of Northampton and Greenfield, the county seats of Hampshire and Franklin counties, respectively.

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Pioneer Valley'storically the northern part of the Valley was an agricultural region, known for growing Connecticut shade tobacco and other specialty crops like Hadley asparagus; however, since the late 19th century its economy has become increasingly a knowledge economy, due to the prominence of the Five Colleges in Hampshire County.

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The Pioneer Valley is known for its scenery and as a vacation destination.

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In 1939 the Pioneer Valley Association was formed to promote the region using that name.

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Pioneer Valley is a popular, year-round tourist destination—a role that it has played historically, prior to its deindustrialization .

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Pioneer Valley includes approximately half of the southern Connecticut River Valley—an ancient rift valley created by the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge during the Triassic and Jurassic periods of the Mesozoic Era.

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Geologically interesting parts of the Pioneer Valley are the basalt flows and dinosaur tracks in South Hadley and Holyoke, Massachusetts, a chain of basaltic traprock ridges known as Metacomet Ridge along the ancient tectonic rift including the Mount Holyoke and Mount Tom ranges, layers of rock deposit laid down by the river, and varves and deltasdeposited by Lake Hitchcock during the Pleistocene.

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Pioneer Valley had no authority to deed the land to the colonists, and appeared to have only a rough idea of what he was signing.

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Pioneer Valley wrote a captivity narrative about his experience, which was published in 1707 and became well known.

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Pioneer Valley's became thoroughly assimilated, at age 16 marrying a Mohawk man.

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Pioneer Valley's book, expressing views contrary to Puritan Calvinist doctrine, caused him to be brought before the high court in Boston and accused of heresy.

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Pioneer Valley residents have a love of arts, both visual and performing, as demonstrated by numerous art galleries, countless theaters and performances, the residencies of children's authors Dr Seuss, Eric Carle in the valley, and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst.

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Pioneer Valley is home to a multitude of professional, amateur, and collegiate sports teams, as well as a rich athletic history.

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Region features a lot of independent professional wrestling shows, most notably Pioneer Valley Pro Wrestling, the former New Age Old Tyme Wrestling and The Way Wrestling Was Promotions.

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The Pioneer Valley is considered to have a "mature economy", which means that its economic base is sufficiently varied so as not to be completely dependent on market fluctuations, like many places in the United States.

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