12 Facts About Amica Wronki


Amica Wronki was a Polish football club based in Wronki, Poland.

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In 2007, one of the clubs that was merged that created Amica, Blekitni Wronki was re-founded and is considered to be a phoenix club.

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The Amica Wronki company's increasing profits gave the new team financial clout in the Polish leagues.

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Amica Wronki didn't stay in the second division for long because the following season they again won promotion, this time to the Ekstraklasa under Marian Kurowski who took over the job started by former coaches Boguslaw Baniak and Horst Panic.

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Amica Wronki later admitted to fixing the match in his autobiography.

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The 1998 cup final however was never investigated, with trophy still belonging to Amica Wronki, and remains a sore point for Gornik fans to this day.

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On 18 July 1998, Amica Wronki won the Polish Super Cup, contested by the previous seasons League and Cup Champions, by beating League Champions LKS Lodz after a goal by Radoslaw Bilinski.

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Amica Wronki won their third Polish Cup on 9 June 2000 in a rematch of the Super Cup game against Wisla Krakow.

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Amica Wronki finished in 5th place in their group during the Fall Season with 12 points to qualify for the Championship group and ended the Spring season in 3rd place.

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Apparently the main reason that the merger was finalised was that the Amica Wronki company wanted to invest in a team with a larger fanbase.

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Amica Wronki has a population of 12,000 while Poznan has over 578,900 inhabitants.

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Amica Wronki get to advertise to more people while Lech Poznan have the financial clout to challenge for the league title.

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