10 Facts About Amway Australia


Amway Australia is the affiliate of the United States company Amway that serves Australia and New Zealand.

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Amway Australia opened in April 1971 and was Amway's first market outside of North America.

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Amway Australia launched quickly, registering more than 400 distributors in its first month of operation, however sales soon stagnated.

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In that year Amway Australia became part of the publicly listed company, Amway Asia Pacific, and by 1998 sales had reached A$198 million, with more than 100,000 distributors marketing over 2,500 products.

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In March 1998, Amway Australia launched its first internet based ordering system, and processed $15.

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In 2000 it was reported that Amway was the largest direct selling company in the Australian region with annual turnover of more than $170 million and a network of 100,000 home-based distributors.

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Thirty percent of products sold by Amway Australia come from Australian suppliers, with the rest from Amway factories in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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Amway Australia has six business centres opened in Loganholme, Bella Vista, Chatswood, Box Hill, Perth and Adelaide.

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The president of Amway has stated to Australian media that "this is old news".

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Amway Australia had a partial win with the Federal Court ruling Amway Australia was largely entitled to the deductions, however it was ruled that substantial food and drink bills associated with the seminars were not deductible.

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