13 Facts About Anang Hermansyah


Anang Hermansyah was born on 18 March 1969 and is an Indonesian singer, musician, producer and politician, who served as a member of the People's Representative Council from the East Java IV constituency as from 2014 until 2019.

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Anang Hermansyah is the ex-husband of famous pop singer turned politician Krisdayanti.

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Anang Hermansyah attended elementary school in SD Jember Kidul in 1977, and entered middle school in SMP Negeri 1 Jember in 1983.

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Anang Hermansyah would go to SMA Negeri 4 Surabaya for highschool in 1986.

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Anang Hermansyah has joined a band since high school in Jember, East Java.

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Around this time Anang Hermansyah made a musical recording with Doel Sumbang, although it was not published.

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Together with Kidnap Katrina, Anang Hermansyah released a self-titled album[8] with his hits entitled "Biru"[9] in 1993.

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Together with his wife, Krisdayanti, Anang Hermansyah released the album Cinta, Kasih, Buah Hati and Makin Aku Cinta.

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Anang Hermansyah then sang a second duet, entitled The Last Love with Syahrini.

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Apart from singing success, Anang Hermansyah is a songwriter, arranger and producer for several singers, including his wife, Krisdayanti, while managing Studio Hijau, his recording studio.

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Anang Hermansyah successfully held the 3 Diva Concert, which involved his wife, Krisdayanti, as well as Titi DJ and Ruth Sahanaya.

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Not only in the world of singing, Anang Hermansyah has spread his wings in the world of acting by producing a film entitled "The Difficulty of Being a Virgin".

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Anang Hermansyah remarried to Ashanty, proposing to her on February 25,2012.

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