18 Facts About Ancaster Ontario


Additionally, Ancaster Ontario had at that time attracted the 2nd largest populace in Upper Canada trailing only Kingston, but surpassing the populations of nearby Toronto and Hamilton .

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Ancaster Ontario's geography has had a very significant effect on human settlement patterns throughout its prehistory and in the present day.

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However, a natural break in this escarpment in the precise area that would become Ancaster Ontario village had for millennia created an opportunity for people to traverse up and down the escarpment providing a relatively easy navigable land transportation gateway from the head of the lake to the surrounding land on the escarpment and vice versa.

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Lastly, Ancaster Ontario had fertile soil and abundant fresh water which encouraged pioneer settlers to arrive in this region to clear the land and plant crops for subsistence agriculture.

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Ancaster Ontario was established formally in 1792, but the area now referred to as Ancaster Ontario Village had been referred to informally by local villagers by the more colourful name of Wilson's Mills.

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In that same year Robert Gourlay carefully documented that Ancaster Ontario had 162 houses, 4 gristmills, 5 sawmills, 1 carding machine, 1 fulling mill, 5 doctors, 1 Anglican minister, and 1 Methodist meeting house.

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The oldest building in Ancaster is the Tisdale house at 314 Wilson Street, which was built c 1806 and whose current function is a police museum.

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In fact by this period even Ancaster Ontario had started to introduce steam power to its factories however it was no longer able to compete economically with Hamilton's natural shipping harbour and railway.

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Ancaster Ontario had been the leading candidate in 1812 to be the county town and a petition had been signed with 200 signatures to further strengthen that proposal.

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The petitioners had argued that Ancaster Ontario's advantages were its flourishing Union Mills and other industries combined with its elegant setting which they believed would make it the most suitable candidate for building a new county courthouse.

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At the time of Alma's 1897 newspaper article, Ancaster Ontario had gone from having three schools in 1835 to just one remaining school but had managed to develop cultural institutions such as an orchestra, a literary society and an enclosed curling rink.

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Job Lodor as well as many other prominent as well as lesser known early Ancaster Ontario settlers left behind sometimes still legible tombstones and grave markers in the cemeteries belonging to St John's Anglican and St Andrew's Presbyterian Churches located on Wilson Street.

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Ancaster Ontario Fair has been an annual agricultural and social event since 1850 except for 1937, when it was cancelled due to a case of infantile paralysis and 2020, when it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Again, according to Dick-Lauder writing in 1897, "Ancaster Ontario saw plenty of life during the rebellion of 1837, when it was quite a frequent thing for all the inns, five in number, and many of the private houses to be full overnight of redcoats passing towards the west".

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When Halton County and Wentworth County joined temporarily from 1850 to 1854, Ancaster Ontario remained permanently attached to Wentworth County, where it remains today in the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth.

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Ancaster Ontario was part of the Wentworth County Board of Education since its inception, and was covered by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board when it was created in 1998.

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Ancaster Ontario Rotary Centre is an addition to Morgan Firestone Arena and includes a full-size fitness centre, workout complex and meeting rooms offering 10000 square feet of weights, cardio, group exercise and daycare.

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In 2010 and 2019 Ancaster Ontario hosted the Canadian Little League Championships and Little League Park was the main venue.

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