19 Facts About Presbyterian


Presbyterian churches derive their name from the presbyterian form of church government by representative assemblies of elders.

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Many Reformed churches are organised this way, but the word Presbyterian, when capitalized, is often applied to churches that trace their roots to the Church of Scotland or to English Dissenter groups that formed during the English Civil War.

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Local congregations of churches which use Presbyterian polity are governed by sessions made up of representatives of the congregation ; a conciliar approach which is found at other levels of decision-making .

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Many Presbyterian denominations have found ways of working together with other Reformed denominations and Christians of other traditions, especially in the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

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Some Presbyterian churches have entered into unions with other churches, such as Congregationalists, Lutherans, Anglicans, and Methodists.

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Presbyterian governance is practiced by Presbyterian denominations and by many other Reformed churches.

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Some Presbyterian traditions adopt only the Westminster Confession of Faith as the doctrinal standard to which teaching elders are required to subscribe, in contrast to the Larger and Shorter catechisms, which are approved for use in instruction.

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Presbyterian argued that modernism and liberal theology was a false religion, a pretender that cloaks itself in Christian language - "Liberalism".

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Over subsequent centuries, many Presbyterian churches modified these prescriptions by introducing hymnody, instrumental accompaniment, and ceremonial vestments into worship.

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The Conservative Presbyterian Church was founded in 1940 and has eight presbyteries.

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Presbyterian churches are present in Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, Honduras and others, but with few members.

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The Presbyterian Church in Belize has 17 churches and church plants and there is a Reformed Seminary founded in 2004.

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Also the Southminster Presbyterian Church, located near Pittsburgh, has partnerships with churches in Malawi and Kenya.

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Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Malawi is an existing small church.

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Cumberland Presbyterian Church Yao Dao Secondary School is a Presbyterian school in Yuen Long, New Territories.

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The Presbyterian schism began with the controversy in relation to the Japanese shrine worship enforced during the Japanese colonial period and the establishment of a minor division in 1952.

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Korean Presbyterian denominations are active in evangelism and many of its missionaries are being sent overseas, being the second biggest missionary sender in the world after the United States.

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Presbyterian churches were founded in each colony, some with links to the Church of Scotland and others to the Free Church.

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In New Zealand, Presbyterian is the dominant denomination in Otago and Southland due largely to the rich Scottish and to a lesser extent Ulster-Scots heritage in the region.

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