17 Facts About Tobago


Tobago is an island and ward within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Tobago was named Belaforme by Christopher Columbus "because from a distance it seemed beautiful".

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Tobago was settled by indigenous people belonging to the Ortoiroid cultural tradition some time between 3500 and 1000 BCE.

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Tobago's location made it an important point of connection between the Kalinago of the Lesser Antilles and their Kalina allies and trading partners in the Guianas and Venezuela.

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In 1662, the Dutch brothers Adrian and Cornelius Lampsins were granted the title of Barons of Tobago, and ruled until the English captured the island in 1666.

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France had abandoned the island to Britain in 1763, and by 1777 Tobago was exporting great quantities of cotton, indigo, rum and sugar.

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Trinidad and Tobago obtained its independence from the British Empire in August 1962 and became a republic on 31 August 1976.

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Island of Tobago is the main exposed portion of the Tobago terrane, a fragment of crustal material lying between the Caribbean and South American Plates.

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In 1768 each parish of Tobago had nominated representatives to the Tobago House of Assembly.

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Under the revived system, Tobago is made up of 12 local electoral districts with each district electing one Assemblyman to the THA.

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Tobago has many idyllic beaches along its coastline, especially those at Castara, Bloody Bay, and Englishman's Bay.

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Tobago is linked to the world through the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport and Scarborough harbour.

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Tobago's economy is tightly linked with Trinidad's, which is based on liquefied natural gas, petrochemicals, and steel.

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Tobago is a popular diving location, since it is the southernmost of the Caribbean islands that have coral communities.

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Scuba diving on Tobago tends to be centred at Speyside, almost diametrically across the island from the airport.

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Tobago is home to two golf courses, both of which are open to visitors.

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In 1958, Tobago was chosen by the Walt Disney Company as the setting for a film based upon the Johann Wyss novel Swiss Family Robinson.

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