15 Facts About Anchal Joseph


Anchal Joseph was born on January 3,1987 and is an Indian fashion model and actress.


Anchal Joseph is best known for participating in the seventh season of America's Next Top Model in 2006, as well as appearing on Deal or No Deal as a briefcase model in the 2018 CNBC re-boot.


Anchal Joseph was featured in the pages of Vogue Paris, and made appearances on the television series White Collar, Gossip Girl, and Royal Pains.


Anchal Joseph was nineteen years old when she was scouted to try out for America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7; prior to ANTM she had modelled for Zoom Magazine and French Vogue.


Anchal Joseph was the sixth contestant to be selected to participate on the seventh cycle of America's Next Top Model and was told at casting by host Tyra Banks that she was one of the most physically beautiful contestants to ever participate in the competition.


Over her stay, Anchal Joseph was voted CoverGirl of the Week by the viewers twice in a row.


Anchal Joseph stirred some controversy when she made comments about the fact that people with lighter hair, skin or eyes were perceived as better looking in India, when asked about her blue contacts by Tyra Banks, and that she wanted to persevere through those stereotypes.

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Anchal Joseph has been featured in the pages of Vogue Paris and ZOOM Magazine.


Anchal Joseph has made appearances and had roles between 2010 and 2011 on White Collar, Gossip Girl and Royal Pains.


Anchal Joseph has taken part in action to promote AIDS prevention.


Anchal Joseph booked her to co-host SFL Live with Kristin Anderson.


Roman no longer represents Anchal Joseph and has placed her with MEGA Models Miami.


Anchal Joseph has taken part in several Miami Fashion Weeks.


Anchal Joseph is slated to appear in Halogen TV's "Nobel Exchange," as well as a role in director Garry Marshall's movie New Year's Eve.


Anchal Joseph made headlines in early 2011 when she was spotted with well-known actor Jim Carrey.