61 Facts About Andrew Gillum

1. Under the plan Andrew Gillum supports, individuals would no longer need to shoulder co-pays for medical care or premiums for private insurance coverage.

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2. Andrew Gillum was born on 26 July 1979 at Miami, Florida, the US he was born to Charles Gillum who is a construction worker and Frances Gillum who is a school bus driver.

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3. Andrew Gillum staged an upset in the Democratic primary for Florida governor.

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4. Andrew Gillum became the state's first African-American gubernatorial nominee in Florida.

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5. Andrew Gillum was scrutinized for an email scandal back in August of 2017, after he was caught using a city-purchased email system that sent out campaign-related emails, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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6. Andrew Gillum is the first black nominee for Florida governor from either major party, according to the Sun Sentinel.

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7. Andrew Gillum narrowly lost the governor's race to Ron DeSantis last year.

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8. Andrew Gillum announced Tuesday that he will be joining CNN in a post on his Twitter account.

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9. Andrew Gillum organized the largest "Arrive With 5" get-out-the-vote campaign in Florida's history.

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10. Andrew Gillum was recognized by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation as "emerging leader for 2003".

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11. Andrew Gillum graduated from Gainesville High School in 1998 and was recognized by the Gainesville Sun as one of the city's "persons of the year".

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12. Andrew Gillum is the fifth of seven children born to Charles and Frances Gillum, respectively a construction worker and a school bus driver.

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13. Andrew Gillum was endorsed by Bernie Sanders during Florida's gubernatorial primary.

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14. Andrew Gillum was previously a Tallahassee City Commissioner from 2003 until his election as mayor; first elected at the age of 23, he was the city's youngest commissioner.

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15. Andrew Gillum was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida in the 2018 election.

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16. Andrew Gillum is about to be out of a job, either way.

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17. Andrew Gillum made a special appearance at a Faith in Democracy event at St John's Missionary Baptist Church.

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18. Andrew Gillum officially concedes in Florida governor race, congratulates Ron DeSantis.

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19. Andrew Gillum posted a live video on Facebook on Saturday afternoon in.

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20. Andrew Gillum turned to the constituents, playing the race card to stoke animosity towards the Republicans seeking to validate the.

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21. Andrew Gillum resorts to the 'race card' to attack the GOP, those calling for a valid recount.

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22. Andrew Gillum has expressed outrage that some voters in hurricane-ravaged Bay County had been allowed to vote by email against state rules.

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23. Andrew Gillum made a special appearance at a Faith in Democracy event at St John's.

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24. Andrew Gillum says President Trump sounds nervous about Florida governor's race recount.

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25. Andrew Gillum riled up more than a thousand of his supporters at.

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26. Andrew Gillum has retracted his concession in light of Florida recount.

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27. Andrew Gillum tells church 'final count is not done' before heading to recount ground zero.

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28. Andrew Gillum conceded that he lost the governor's race Tuesday night, but the election could be headed for a state-mandated recount anyway.

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29. Andrew Gillum was hoping to become the state's first black governor and first Democrat to hold the seat since 1994.

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30. Andrew Gillum loses bid to become first Florida's black governor.

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31. Andrew Gillum raced across South Florida on Sunday, seemingly on a crusade to leave no voter un-courted.

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32. Andrew Gillum races around South Florida, courting every voter he can find.

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33. Andrew Gillum addressed his supporters from Tallahassee on the lost for Governor to Republican Ron DeSantis.

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34. Andrew Gillum paused to speak with reporters after casting his vote from himself in Florida's.

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35. Andrew Gillum Sends Message to Trump and DeSantis: "The politics of hatred and separation have come to an end".

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36. Andrew Gillum 'replaces' concession with call to count every vote.

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37. Andrew Gillum told a crowd full of supporters that he's "not going anywhere" after conceding in the Florida Gubernatorial race.

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38. In 2014, Andrew Gillum was named as one of the 40 Under 40 by The Washington Post political blog "The Fix.

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39. Andrew Gillum was named as a "2010 Emerging Leader" by Essence Magazine.

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40. Andrew Gillum served as Field Organizer and statewide Director of the "Arrive With 5" program, which "encourages young people to become active participants in the electoral process by asking them not only to pledge to vote but to turn out other voters on or before election day".

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41. Andrew Gillum said, "Floridians who have paid their debts deserve a second chance and they should have a voice in our state's future.

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42. Andrew Gillum conceded to Republican candidate Ron DeSantis on the evening of November 6, 2018.

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43. Andrew Gillum was the first black nominee for governor in Florida's history.

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44. Andrew Gillum announced his candidacy for governor in March 2017, and was the first to declare his intention to run as a Democrat.

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45. Andrew Gillum responded to the Tampa Bay Times story, "These messages only confirm what we have said all along.

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46. In February 2017, Andrew Gillum apologized after the Tallahassee Democrat reported that his government office had been used to send emails through web-based software purchased by NGP VAN, a company that provides technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns.

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47. In May 2015, Andrew Gillum launched a 1,000 Mentors Initiative, which aimed to recruit 1,000 men and women from diverse backgrounds to increase youth mentoring opportunities in Tallahassee, and help youth in need.

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48. On March 27, 2015, Andrew Gillum held the Mayor's Summit on Children, a large conference in which business and community leaders came together to learn about the importance of investments in quality Early Childhood Education.

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49. Andrew Gillum contributed to the DOT Fastlane Blog, in which he stressed the importance of long-term transportation investments for America's mid-size cities.

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50. In January 2015, Andrew Gillum strongly supported the City of Tallahassee joining in the Ban the Box campaign; arguing that the initiative does not stop the city from conducting background checks, but rather gives applicants a fair shot at employment and reduces recidivism.

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51. In the August 26, 2014 nonpartisan primary, Andrew Gillum defeated Richardson and Hendricks; capturing 76 percent of the vote with 19,658 votes.

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52. In April 2013, Andrew Gillum announced his intention to run for mayor of Tallahassee.

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53. Andrew Gillum supported the city's development project of Cascades Park, located in downtown Tallahassee.

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54. Andrew Gillum stressed these results as some of the reasons for the great importance of the Palmer Munroe Center.

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55. Andrew Gillum championed the opening of the first Tallahassee Teen Center, The Palmer Munroe Center, which serves as a safe haven for many area youth and operates a restorative justice program.

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56. In 2005, Andrew Gillum was one of the commissioners who voted to give themselves a new retirement benefit through deferred compensation.

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57. Andrew Gillum served a one-year term as Mayor Pro Tem from November 10, 2004 through November 9, 2005.

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58. Andrew Gillum was a political science student at FAMU when he was elected.

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59. In 2003, aged 23, Andrew Gillum was elected to the Tallahassee City Commission for a one-year term, becoming the youngest person to be elected to the commission.

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60. Andrew Gillum was elected to the Tallahassee City Commission prior to the completion of his college studies.

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61. Andrew Gillum has been classified as a progressive, and is considered to be a politician in the mold of US Senator Bernie Sanders, the highest-ranking elected official to support his primary candidacy.

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