25 Facts About Ron DeSantis

1. Ron DeSantis puts words in Gillum's mouth that he didn't say in Florida governor race.

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2. Ron DeSantis served as a former US Representative for Florida's 6th congressional district.

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3. Ron DeSantis speaks to supporters at a rally Wednesday, July 18, 2018, in Orlando, Fla.

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4. Ron DeSantis announced the team that would lead his transition into the governor's.

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5. Ron DeSantis is beholden to the gun lobby and supports its "guns everywhere" agenda.

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6. Ron DeSantis prepared to be governor amid Florida vote recount.

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7. On Saturday, Republican Ron DeSantis responded to Florida's recount by saying that the results are "clear and unambiguous.

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8. Ron DeSantis will be the next governor of Florida, defeating Andrew Gillum in a stunning testament to the enduring power of race in American electoral politics.

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9. Ron DeSantis tours state after claiming victory in Florida's governor race.

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10. Ron DeSantis once had a vote thrown out by canvassing board.

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11. Ron DeSantis was elected Florida governor Tuesday, riding the support of President Donald Trump to victory.

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12. Ron DeSantis was elected Florida governor Tuesday, riding the support of President Donald Trump to narrow victory in the battleground state.

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13. Ron DeSantis was elected governor of Florida on Tuesday, fueled by the power of President Donald Trump and propelled by the votes of Trump supporters.

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14. Ron DeSantis is on track to win Florida's tight gubernatorial race, ABC News projects based on exit polls.

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15. Ron DeSantis picks up rare endorsement from International Union of Police.

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16. Ron DeSantis pointed out that last year he had just left a Republican congressional.

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17. Ron DeSantis spoke to a crowd of more than 100 supporters.

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18. Ron DeSantis talks clean water, health care in Naples campaign visit.

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19. Ron DeSantis looks for support in suburbs, trying to motivate Republican base to vote.

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20. Ron DeSantis appears at Versailles during campaign stops in South Florida.

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21. As of August 2018, Ron DeSantis had not taken a position on a November 2018 ballot initiative on the restoration of voting rights for felons.

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22. Ron DeSantis supports the implementation of a medical marijuana program in Florida, but opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana.

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23. Ron DeSantis has expressed support for a state constitutional amendment to require a supermajority vote for any tax increases.

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24. Ron DeSantis has promised to stop the spread of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.

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25. Ron DeSantis was assigned as a Trial Defense Counsel until his honorable discharge from active duty in February 2010.

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