41 Facts About Michael Bloomberg

1. Michael Bloomberg decides to hold a gun to the head of American democracy.

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2. Michael Bloomberg makes direct appeal to vote Democratic in $5 million ad campaign.

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3. Michael Bloomberg is teaming with Ray Dalio to support OceanX, the Bridgewater Associates head's marine biology venture, in a near $200 million.

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4. Michael Bloomberg awards boost to St Paul's climate action goals.

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5. Michael Bloomberg gives $1.5M to oppose ban on grocery tax.

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6. Michael Bloomberg gives $1.5 million to fight Measure 103, the grocery tax ban.

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7. Michael Bloomberg is a Democrat again, but he's still supporting GOP lawmakers in vulnerable districts.

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8. Michael Bloomberg battles Big Grocery with record-breaking Oregon political contribution.

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9. In March 2017, Michael Bloomberg was ranked sixth on the UK-based company Richtopia's list of 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

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10. In 2014, Michael Bloomberg was bestowed the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Harvard University in recognition of his public service and leadership in the world of business.

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11. In 2013, Michael Bloomberg was chosen as the inaugural laureate of the Genesis Prize, a $1-million award to be presented annually for Jewish values.

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12. Michael Bloomberg was given a tribute award at the 2007 Gotham Awards, a New York City-based celebrator of independent film.

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13. In June 2014, Michael Bloomberg was the speaker for Williams College's 2014 commencement.

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14. In May 2011, Michael Bloomberg was the speaker for Princeton University's 2011 baccalaureate service.

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15. Michael Bloomberg delivered the commencement address to the class of 2008 at Barnard College, located in New York City, after receiving the Barnard Medal of Distinction, the college's highest honor.

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16. In May 2008, Michael Bloomberg was awarded an honorary doctorate of laws from the University of Pennsylvania, where he delivered the commencement speech to the class of 2008.

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17. Michael Bloomberg was named the 39th most influential person in the world in the 2007 and 2008 Time 100.

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18. In this role, Michael Bloomberg will mobilize private sector and political leaders to help the WHO reduce deaths from preventable diseases, traffic accidents, tobacco, obesity, and alcohol.

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19. On March 22, 2012, Michael Bloomberg announced his foundation was pledging $220 million over four years in the fight against global tobacco use.

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20. In July 2011, Michael Bloomberg launched a $24 million initiative to fund "Innovation Delivery Teams" in five cities.

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21. Michael Bloomberg hosted the Global Business Forum on September 20, 2017.

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22. In September 2014, Michael Bloomberg convened with Ban and global leaders at the UN Climate Summit to announce definite actions to fight climate change in 2015.

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23. At the national level, Michael Bloomberg has consistently pushed for transitioning the United States' energy mix from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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24. In June 2018, Michael Bloomberg made plans to give $80 million to support Democratic congressional candidates in the 2018 election, with the goal of flipping control of the Republican-controlled House to Democrats.

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25. In July 2016, Michael Bloomberg delivered a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in which he called Hillary Clinton "the right choice.

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26. Michael Bloomberg balanced the budget of New York City by raising property taxes and making cuts to city agencies.

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27. Michael Bloomberg unveiled the Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency in June 2013, after the city was affected by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

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28. Michael Bloomberg has been involved in motivating other cities to make changes and has spoken about reducing carbon dioxide emissions, using cleaner and more efficient fuels, using congestion pricing in New York City, and encouraging public transportation.

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29. In 2008, Michael Bloomberg convened the New York City Panel on Climate Change, an effort to prepare the city for climate change.

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30. Michael Bloomberg supports the strict drug laws of New York City.

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31. Michael Bloomberg supports governmental funding for embryonic stem cell research, calling the Republican position on the issue "insanity".

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32. Michael Bloomberg supports abortion rights, stating, "Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right and we can never take it for granted.

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33. Michael Bloomberg opposed the confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States.

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34. In late 2004 or early 2005, Michael Bloomberg gave the Independence Party of New York $250,000 to fund a phone bank seeking to recruit volunteers for his re-election campaign.

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35. Michael Bloomberg was re-elected mayor in November 2005 by a margin of 20 percent, the widest margin ever for a Republican mayor of New York City.

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36. In the rescheduled primary, Michael Bloomberg defeated Herman Badillo, a former Congressman, to become the Republican nominee.

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37. Michael Bloomberg assumed office as the 108th Mayor of New York City on January 1, 2002.

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38. Michael Bloomberg was born at St Elizabeth's Hospital, in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts on February 14, 1942.

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39. Michael Bloomberg is again weighing a presidential run in 2020 and has rejoined the Democratic Party.

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40. Michael Bloomberg was frequently mentioned as a possible centrist candidate for the US Presidential elections in 2008, and 2012, as well as for Governor of New York in 2010.

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41. Michael Bloomberg served as chairman of the board of trustees at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, from 1996 to 2002.

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