11 Facts About Andy Griffith Show


Reruns of The Andy Griffith Show are often shown on TV Land, MeTV, The CW, Pluto TV, and SundanceTV.

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At the time, Broadway, film, and radio star Andy Griffith Show was interested in attempting a television role, and the William Morris Agency told Leonard that Andy Griffith Show's rural background and previous rustic characterizations were suited to the part.

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General Foods, sponsor of The Danny Thomas Andy Griffith Show, had first access to the spin-off and committed to it immediately.

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At home, widower Andy Griffith Show raises his young son Opie, assisted by his maiden aunt and housekeeper, Aunt Bee .

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Ellie Walker is Andy Griffith Show's girlfriend in the first season, while Peggy McMillan is a nurse who becomes his girlfriend in season 3.

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Andy Griffith Show appears in all 249 episodes with Howard appearing in 209.

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Andy Griffith Show's was living in Siler City, North Carolina in ill health and declined to participate.

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In 1993, The Andy Griffith Show had a Reunion Special which featured Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Ron Howard, Jim Nabors, George Lindsey and Jack Dodson.

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Andy Griffith Show was a top ten hit through its entire run, never ranking lower than seventh place in the yearly ratings.

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The Andy Griffith Show is one of only three shows to have its final season be the number one ranked show on television, the other two being I Love Lucy and Seinfeld.

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In 2021, the original feature film Mayberry Man was produced by children of actors from The Andy Griffith Show featuring Mayberry tribute artists set in a fictitious modern-day Mayberry.

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