12 Facts About Anglican Communion


Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion after the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

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The traditional origins of Anglican Communion doctrine are summarised in the Thirty-nine Articles .

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Anglican Communion was officially and formally organised and recognised as such at the Lambeth Conference in 1867 in London under the leadership of Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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The churches of the Anglican Communion consider themselves to be part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, and to be both catholic and reformed.

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Anglican Communion has no official legal existence nor any governing structure that might exercise authority over the member churches.

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At its Autumn 2020 meeting the provincial standing committee of the Church of Southern Africa approved a plan to form the dioceses in Mozambique and Angola into a separate autonomous province of the Anglican Communion, to be named the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola .

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Oldest-surviving Anglican Communion church building outside the British Isles is St Peter's Church in St George's, Bermuda, established in 1612 .

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Churches of the Anglican Communion have traditionally held that ordination in the historic episcopate is a core element in the validity of clerical ordinations.

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One effect of the Anglican Communion's dispersed authority has been the conflicts arising over divergent practices and doctrines in parts of the Anglican Communion.

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Disputes that had been confined to the Church of England could be dealt with legislatively in that realm, but as the Anglican Communion spread out into new nations and disparate cultures, such controversies multiplied and intensified.

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Conservative Anglican Communion churches, encouraging the realignment movement, are more concentrated in the Global South.

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GAFCON, a fellowship of conservative Anglican Communion churches, has appointed "missionary bishops" in response to the disagreements with the perceived liberalisation in the Anglican Communion churches in North America and Europe.

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