17 Facts About Aniplex


Aniplex Inc is a Japanese anime, music production and anime licensee company owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

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Additionally, Aniplex produces and distributes music and soundtrack records, including the original soundtracks for all of Sony Interactive Entertainment's computer and video games.

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Since the 2010s, Aniplex is involved in the production and publishing of video games.

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Aniplex is involved in retail merchandising, producing toys, games, stationery, food and other items featuring popular characters.

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For example, in 2005 Aniplex held the Fullmetal Alchemist Festival which began with the Fullmetal Alchemist Tour at Universal Studios Japan.

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Aniplex is a full member of The Association of Japanese Animations and an associated member of Japan Video Software Association.

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In 2004, Aniplex launched the Sugi Label, which releases the works of Koichi Sugiyama—the composer of the music for Dragon Quest, but since 2009 it was sold to King Records.

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In March 2015, Aniplex announced that it had formed a joint venture with German anime distributor Peppermint Anime, forming Peppermint Anime GmbH.

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On February 17,2018, it was revealed that Aniplex had become a minority shareholder in the Australian-based company Madman Anime Group, and was issued an undisclosed number of shares in the company on November 15,2017.

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Aniplex later acquired Madman Anime Group from Madman Media Group for in February 2019.

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On October 1,2018, Aniplex established Rialto Entertainment, a subsidiary responsible for independent video production, and licensing of produced video content.

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On September 24,2019, Aniplex announced that it would be consolidating Madman Anime Group and Wakanim with Sony Pictures Television's Funimation, under a joint-venture between the two Sony businesses.

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On December 26,2019, Aniplex announced it would be launching a novel game brand named ANIPLEX.

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On February 1,2021, Aniplex announced it had entered in a capital tie-up with game developer f4samurai, allowing for Aniplex to further expand into gaming.

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On December 15,2021, Aniplex announced the acquisition of Delight Works' game development division for an undisclosed sum.

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On February 1,2022, Aniplex completed the acquisition of Lasengle from Delight Works.

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Aniplex has been involved in the production and distribution with the following anime series.

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