22 Facts About Anjali Menon


Anjali Menon is an Indian filmmaker and screenwriter who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema.


Anjali Menon is counted among the change agents in Indian cinema whose work gets attention from the audience and the critics.


Anjali Menon is the founder of Little Films a film company based in Mumbai and Kerala that produces fiction and non-fiction works.


Anjali Menon is one of the founders of the Women in Cinema Collective, an organization that focuses on gender equality in the Malayalam film industry.


Anjali Menon is the board member of Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image.


Anjali Menon was born in Kozhikode to T M Nair and Sarada Nair.


Anjali Menon spent her childhood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and travelled annually to India.

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Alumna of London Film School, Anjali Menon postgraduated with Honors in Film Direction, Film Producing and Film Editing in 2003.


Anjali Menon started her career by editing and assisting producers in the making of educational documentaries.


Anjali Menon took up event photography and feature writing for journals.


Anjali Menon received Kerala State Film Award for Best Screenplay for the movie.


Anjali Menon wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues of the critically and commercially acclaimed Ustad Hotel, directed by Anwar Rasheed.


Anjali Menon won the Best Writer awards at Asianet Film Awards and Vanitha Film Awards.


In 2014 Anjali Menon wrote and directed Bangalore Days, revolving around the life of three Malayali cousins who move to Bangalore, which became a huge commercial success and which identified her as a commercially successful filmmaker who made sensible cinema.


Anjali Menon is a motivational speaker who addresses subjects related to filmmaking, community, gender empowerment, entrepreneurship and parenting at venues like TED, TISS, TIE Global, CII, KSUM, and IGCE.


Anjali Menon has been a jury member for IFFK, MAMI, IFP and Filmfare awards.


Anjali Menon has published short stories, screenplays and articles and she blogs about her worldviews [1].


Anjali Menon is on the Board of Trustees of MAMI - Mumbai Academy of Moving Images and a General Council Member of the Kerala Chalachithra Academy.


Anjali Menon's movies have depicted themes of family, migrant experience, gender and cross-cultural interactions.


Anjali Menon has mentioned Mira Nair, Padmarajan, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Robert Altman, Gulzar, and Marion Hansel as her inspirations, in pursuing film-making.


Anjali Menon portrays stories of non-resident Indians in her work and referred to her reverse migrant identity and hybrid sensibility in her work as an advantage.


Anjali Menon is vocal about the need for gender equality in the workplace and sensitivity in on-screen portrayals.