15 Facts About Anna Nalick


Anna Christine Nalick is an American singer-songwriter.

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Anna Nalick grew up in a family where two of the grandparents had performed on Broadway, and where her parents exposed her to a number of different artists, including Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin.

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Anna Nalick says she draws more inspiration from poetry, literature, psychology, human behavior, and history than anything else.

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Anna Nalick initially decided to go to college before pursuing her dream of music, continuing to record her songs on a Rainbow Brite cassette recorder.

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Anna Nalick agreed to pass along a low-fidelity six-song demo tape, and soon enough, was introduced to Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith, the founding members of Blind Melon now turned production team, as well as Eric Rosse, best known for his production work for Tori Amos.

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Anna Nalick went into the studio with Thorn, Smith, and Rosse as producers, together with mix-engineer Mark Endert.

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Anna Nalick recorded with a group of musicians that included Smith on bass, Thorn on guitar, Rosse and Zak Rae on keyboards, Lyle Workman and Stuart Mathis on guitar, and Joey Waronker and Matt Chamberlain on drums.

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Two months later, Anna Nalick took honors as "AC Female Artist of the Year" at the New Music Awards, beating out Sheryl Crow.

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On January 28,2008, Anna Nalick premiered her first single off the new EP, Shine, on AOL music's page.

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In 2011 Anna Nalick began studying acting and creative writing at UCLA.

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Anna Nalick attempted co-writing for other artists in 2012, an experience she has stated gave her "devil horns and PTSD".

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Anna Nalick began producing a new album in 2014 and is looking for a record label to help publish it, although she is considering an independent release.

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In October 2015, Anna Nalick started to solicit contributions on PledgeMusic to release her new album.

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On October 18,2017, Anna Nalick released her third full-length album At Now to her PledgeMusic supporters as an early release.

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In 2019, Anna Nalick signed with Chesky Records, and released The Blackest Crow on December 6.

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