79 Facts About Anthony Rester


Anthony Rester takes on the task of tracking down and arresting Kira.

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Anthony Rester is the head of an organization created to catch Kira, the SPK.

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Anthony Rester constantly plays with toys, building towers of dice and playing cards, and illustrating his exposition with small finger puppets and Lego minifigs.

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Anthony Rester is seen completing blank puzzles, which emphasizes his problem-solving skills.

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Anthony Rester was the person who succeeded identifying and capturing Light as Kira.

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Anthony Rester was found to be not infected from various tests conducted, and later brought to L's headquarters.

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Anthony Rester did not display a habit of using finger puppets or any other habits compared to his manga counterpart; his hair was black in the film instead of white.

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Anthony Rester formed a bond with both Maki and L throughout their escape.

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Anthony Rester's supposed immunity to the virus contributed to the antidote-making process by him providing his blood and thus leading to a positive outcome.

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Anthony Rester is portrayed by Narushi Fukuda in L: Change the World and by Mio Yuki in the television drama.

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Anthony Rester said that "it was tough" drawing Near's clothes as he did not understand the assembly of his clothes.

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Anthony Rester felt he could express "negative" parts of Near with the puppets.

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Anthony Rester has blond hair, dresses extravagantly, and is rarely seen without a bar of chocolate.

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Anthony Rester wanted to have Mikami be both smart and dangerous, and have a hatred for societal evil, which he transferred into Mikami's role as a prosecutor.

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Anthony Rester wanted it to be clear that Mikami was evil, but, at the same time, he did not want to focus on the aspects of right and wrong.

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Anthony Rester was told that Mikami was supposed to be a "stoic character like Light" while not knowing that Mikami was a prosecutor and a follower of Kira.

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Anthony Rester eventually deduces Misa's identity as the second Kira after accumulating information from Kira-related news.

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Anthony Rester initially leads the Kira investigation team that later joins with L When L begins to suspect Light of being Kira, Soichiro is unwilling to believe his son would be capable of such a thing.

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Anthony Rester retrieves the note and learns Mello's real name, but is unable to kill him, and is instead fatally wounded.

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Anthony Rester is appointed as the local head of the "Kira" investigation in Seattle and is eventually assisted by an enigmatic and esteemed international consulting detective known as L, who correctly surmises Kira's location within Seattle.

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Anthony Rester did not want Light to kill him, so he wrote Soichiro's death as an accident.

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Anthony Rester becomes quite fond of Light, as noted by Hideki Ide at the series' conclusion.

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Anthony Rester becomes the leader of the investigation team afterward.

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Anthony Rester is shown to be an excellent actor, becoming an excited and cheery manager for Misa on demand and in seeming contradiction to his usual demeanor.

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Anthony Rester appears to be fond of Misa, as is seen when he worries that Misa's comments about Takada could get her killed.

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Anthony Rester helps coordinate their efforts and performs actions such as organizing a blockade of police cars to trap Higuchi.

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Anthony Rester does appear in the musical, portrayed by Seito Ueno.

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Anthony Rester did not know that Ukita was to die, so he was surprised after learning about it.

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Anthony Rester is a fatherly figure to L On the surface, he is Quillish Wammy, a famous inventor and founder of Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England.

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Anthony Rester was always in heavy makeup when with Naomi, so his true appearance is unknown.

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Anthony Rester attempted to commit suicide at the end of the novel, by setting himself on fire, to look like the final victim.

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Anthony Rester felt that L would never be able to solve the case if he, the murderer, were "murdered", meaning he would have outwitted L Naomi Misora figured out his plan at the last moment, saving Beyond Birthday's life while at the same time putting him under arrest for his murders.

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Anthony Rester is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note.

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Anthony Rester is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note.

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Anthony Rester initially appears when Misa Amane sends four videotapes to Sakura TV in order to gain attention from the real Kira, and approves of broadcasting the tapes on live TV.

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Anthony Rester later helps the investigation force to lure out Higuchi by running a television program.

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Anthony Rester has a fiancee, retired FBI agent Naomi Misora, whom he tells not to involve herself in the investigation for her own safety.

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Anthony Rester's body is never found due to the specifications made by Light in the Death Note.

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Anthony Rester initially planned for Naomi to have a long involvement in the story but underestimated the character's deductive abilities.

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Anthony Rester described the storyline issue of Naomi as the greatest difficulty that he created for himself since the beginning of the series.

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Anthony Rester then designed her face and hair to match her clothes.

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Anthony Rester was the head of Technology Development at the Yotsuba Corporation, and is part of the Yotsuba Group, eight members of the Yotsuba Corporation that use the Death Note to kill individuals from competing companies to dominate the business industry.

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Anthony Rester then meets weekly with the rest of the Yotsuba Group to discuss the killing of key individuals from competing companies to maintain dominance in the business industry.

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Anthony Rester is then betrayed by his fellow Yotsuba Group members, which involves Matsuda appearing on Sakura TV to reveal that Higuchi is Kira.

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Anthony Rester is eventually thwarted by a masked police blockade set up by L's task force.

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Anthony Rester then reveals to everyone the existence of Death Notes.

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Anthony Rester has a talent in shogi at the professional 4-dan level.

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Anthony Rester is the eldest and "most influential" member and he "appears" to control the conferences.

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Anthony Rester believes that he did not "put much thought" into the character profiles.

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Anthony Rester said that he included a lot of information to serve as red herrings.

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The book states that Anthony Rester is "far below" Near in terms of intellectual prowess.

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Ohba said that Anthony Rester was the captain of a special forces squad before joining Near's team.

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Anthony Rester appears in the drama adaptation under the alias Shoko Himura.

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Anthony Rester's name is mentioned in L: Change the WorLd as the leader of an arms syndicate who deals with the mafia.

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Anthony Rester is the holder of Sidoh's Death Note after it is given to the gang by the Kira investigation team.

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Anthony Rester's appearance is quite skeletal, with long, spinal cord-like arms and bone-like skin.

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Anthony Rester is even willing to sacrifice her life to defend Misa, as evidenced by her threat to kill Light should Misa die before her time.

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Anthony Rester says that he used fashion collections to create his motif.

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Anthony Rester is a small, doll-like Shinigami who appears to be patched together out of mismatched fabric.

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Anthony Rester used ideas stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature faces covered in jewels.

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Anthony Rester admits that Ryuk is better at judging such things, then gives the extra Death Note to him.

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Anthony Rester appears to at least write the rules for the Death Notes, but whether or not he enforces them himself is unclear.

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Anthony Rester has a skull for a head, which is surrounded by a larger, skull-like formation.

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Anthony Rester has four tentacle-like arms, each with only three fingers on the hands, which hang from his body.

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Anthony Rester is portrayed by Michiko Godai in the live-action films.

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Anthony Rester turns to Light, despite knowing that he is not the real L, who manipulates him into providing assistance and attacking Mello's hideout.

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Anthony Rester is kidnapped by Mello in order to be used as a hostage in exchange for the Death Note.

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Anthony Rester is later controlled to commit suicide by Light Yagami.

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Anthony Rester is the only female member of the Task Force, which differs from the all-male team in the manga and anime.

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Anthony Rester is the assistant director during the filming of Misa Amane's "Misa-Misa's Happy Sweets" video.

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Anthony Rester is obsessed with Misa, collecting a used tissue of hers after she throws it in the trash.

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Anthony Rester is Light's girlfriend, classmate at To-Oh University, and childhood friend.

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Anthony Rester's mother was presumably deceased prior to the events of the film.

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Anthony Rester shared a close bond with her father's assistant Dr Kimiko Kujo before the murder of her father.

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Anthony Rester was shown to be sensible, calm and kind and caring towards her kin, though she can be quite ruthless towards those whom she hated.

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Anthony Rester serves as a private investigator and assists in the Death Note investigation on the new Death Note users.

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Anthony Rester receives Mishima's notebook from the shinigami Ryuk and begins a crusade to collect all 6 Death Notes that have been dropped all over the world by other shinigami.

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Anthony Rester is a felon who managed to be acquitted of all his crimes using his wealth and power, Skomal's multiple crimes without conviction lead to the media nicknaming him "the Teflon Criminal".

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Anthony Rester is a bully from Light's high school and his first victim.

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