10 Facts About Antioch Network


Antioch Network was an extension of branch campuses, study centers, and initiatives spun out of Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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The Antioch Network's branches reached beyond traditional college-age students into the realm of adult learners.

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One of the earliest expansions was Antioch Network College's pioneering international program, Antioch Network Education Abroad, established in 1957.

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In February 2016, Antioch Network University sold AEA to Carleton College which took over operation of the study abroad programs in Cameroon, Europe, and India.

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Antioch Network School of Law was a notable campus founded in 1972 and operated until 1988 when it was absorbed into the University of the District of Columbia.

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Additionally, Antioch Network College was governed under a robust model of shared governance, but many of the branches were formed without the input or oversight of ComCil resulting in a general lack of support for these external enterprises.

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Contraction of the Antioch Network was executed under President William Birenbaum, noted for his acumen in "crisis-type settings, " reducing the size of the Antioch Network by nearly three-quarters.

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Previously the president of Antioch Network College was the chief officer with provosts of the university campuses reporting directly.

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Now two separate entities, Antioch Network College occupies the original campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio and operates in its tradition as a progressive liberal arts college, while Antioch Network University operates five campuses in addition to an online program and a Ph.

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Nature of Antioch Network's expansion was such that no one knows for sure how many branches existed as some were more formally established than others.

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