35 Facts About Antioch College


Antioch College is a private liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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Antioch College has been politically liberal and reformist since its inception.

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Antioch College began opening new campuses in 1964, when it purchased the Putney School of Education in Vermont.

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Antioch College is one of only a few liberal arts institutions in the United States featuring a cooperative education work program mandatory for all students.

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Antioch College is a member of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, and the Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education.

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Antioch College is on the site of a short-lived Owenite community, a utopian socialist collective agricultural enterprise that was established in July 1825 and terminated at the end of that year.

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Antioch College's was the first female college professor in the United States to have the same rank and pay as her male colleagues.

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Antioch College's opinion was apparently the minority one, as the black students were not withdrawn.

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Antioch College was insolvent the day it opened and faced financial difficulties from its first years.

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From 1857 to 1859, Antioch College ran an annual deficit of $5, 000 out of a total budget of $13, 000.

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Antioch College had been scheduled to host the first game of this professional tour on May 31, 1869, but it was rained out.

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So, while Antioch was not a part of the first professional baseball game, the college does hold claim to hosting the first ever rainout in professional baseball.

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In February 1919, YMCA attempted a peaceful takeover of the college, offering to raise an endowment of $500, 000 if Antioch would serve as the official national college of YMCA of the USA.

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Antioch College presented his plan for "practical industrial education" to the trustees, who accepted the new plan.

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Antioch College closed for a third time while the curriculum was reorganized and the co-op program developed.

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Antioch University, of which Antioch College was now a component, formally came to exist in 1978.

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In 2000, Antioch College was again subject to media attention after inviting political activist and former death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal and transgender rights advocate and Abu-Jamal supporter Leslie Feinberg to be commencement speakers.

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Antioch College uncovered accounting mistakes starting in 2006, which doubled the school's projected deficit.

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The following year, Antioch reopened as an independent four-year college in the autumn of 2011 with 35 students after the Ohio Board of Regents approved the college again offering Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

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Also in 2012, Antioch College announced it would offer free tuition to its students for the following three years, pledging to charge them only room, board, and fees.

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Antioch College's accreditation was continued in 2021 but subject to provision of certain reports in 2022 and 2023.

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In October 2020, Antioch College paused publication of The Antioch College Review for financial and staffing reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Antioch College offers nine majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and two majors leading to the Bachelor of Science.

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All students are required to take at least two courses in each of the Antioch College-designated Liberal Arts traditions: the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences, as well as four interdisciplinary "Global Seminar" courses from the topics of Water, Food, Energy, Health, Governance, and Education.

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Antioch College currently offers coursework in Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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All Antioch students spend four quarters over four years in meaningful domestic and international work experiences in the college's co-op program as part of their academic requirements for graduation.

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Antioch College held continuous accreditation from 1927 through the late 1970s as the undergraduate college of Antioch University.

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Antioch College's campus is in the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, approximately 20 miles from Dayton, Ohio, and 65 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The farm is used as a living laboratory where Antioch College students learn about sustainable farming methods such as organic farming and permaculture, and despite run-ins with animal rights activists provides meat and other ingredients for the campus dining program.

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In 2014, Antioch College installed a five-acre solar array adjacent to its farm in the South Campus.

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Glen Helen Nature Preserve, donated to Antioch College by alumnus Hugh Taylor Birch in 1929, is a thousand-acre nature preserve owned and managed for many years by the college.

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The station carries flagship NPR programming, including Morning Edition and All Things Considered, as well as a variety of local programming, such as The Antioch Word, a monthly podcast produced by Antioch College students working at the station, and Poor Will's Almanack, a podcast by Yellow Springs resident William Felker about topics such as weather patterns, phenology, and gardening.

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Olive Kettering Library is Antioch College's library, named after Olive Kettering, the wife of Antioch trustee, inventor, and engineer Charles Franklin Kettering.

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Antioch College Village was conceived in 2013 as a way for Antioch to utilize surplus college land to develop an ongoing revenue stream, while providing a model cohousing community to Yellow Springs.

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However, on August 29, 2019, the Planning and Zoning Department of the Village of Yellow Springs was asked by Antioch College to extend its PUD zoning permission for the project for one more year, as construction was expected during such period.

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