19 Facts About Antioch University


Antioch University is a private university with multiple campuses in the United States and online programs.

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Antioch University suspended operations of Antioch College in 2008, and later sold the campus and a license to use the name "Antioch College" to a new and independent non-profit corporation in 2009.

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Antioch University is a private, nonprofit university that was incorporated in Ohio in 1852 and was originally known as Antioch College.

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Antioch University has been in continuous existence since 1852 and has been continuously accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1927.

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In 1977, Antioch changed its name to "Antioch University, " having extended its operations beyond the college and beyond Ohio, mostly in graduate level programs.

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Antioch University had recently been successful in opening the first common schools in the state of Massachusetts to provide free, universal, non-sectarian education to the citizens without regard to gender, race or creed.

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Antioch University was recruited by the board of trustees of the newly formed Antioch College for this reason and he came to Antioch from Boston to continue his work as an educator.

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Antioch University College was to be completely non-sectarian and co-educational, and with a curriculum that would include the traditional treatment of the classics, but would emphasize science and the scientific method, history, and modern literature.

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Antioch University was one of the first institutions of higher education to admit black students to learn alongside white students.

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Antioch University's parting words have been the mission of Antioch University ever since, "to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic and environmental justice".

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Antioch University began a period of rapid expansion in 1964 with the acquisition of the Putney School of Education in Vermont.

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In 2013, Antioch University launched Antioch University Online, its distance learning division, with a BA degree completion program and a Masters of Human Services Administration.

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In 2008, due to financial exigency, Antioch University closed the Antioch College campus in Yellow Springs.

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Antioch College is a residential, liberal arts, undergraduate institution for traditional age students, while Antioch University is focused on adult learners and offers primarily graduate level degrees, along with a bachelor's degree completion program.

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Antioch University taught Greek language and literature for 20 years and remained a lifelong student.

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Antioch University wrote “The Plan for the New Antioch” which was his vision for the future of the school.

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Antioch University Seattle, founded in 1975 in Seattle, Washington, offers master's degrees, a BA completion program, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.

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Antioch University Midwest was known as Antioch University McGregor and founded in 1988 as the School of Adult and Experiential Learning at Antioch College.

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However, Antioch University continues to own the trade name and any other use of the word "Antioch" within higher education.

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