12 Facts About Antrim Road


Antrim Road is a major arterial route and area of housing and commerce that runs from inner city north Belfast to Dunadry, passing through Newtownabbey and Templepatrick.

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Antrim Road was initially a much shorter road than it is and this smaller exit from the city centre was originally known as Duncairn Street.

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Antrim Road was one of the areas of the city to suffer sustained bombardment by the Luftwaffe as part of the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941 and was amongst those hit the hardest resulting in a high number of casualties.

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Antrim Road begins at Carlisle Circus, a roundabout north of the city centre just past the Westlink motorway.

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Cavehill Road, which runs Northwest off the Antrim Road, takes its name from Cavehill, a large basaltic hill that dominates the skyline over much of the Antrim Road.

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The Cavehill Antrim Road is itself an interface, separating the traditionally Protestant Westland Antrim Road and the Catholic areas known as "Little America" although co-operation between community groups aimed at decreasing tensions has increased.

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Antrim Road passes through three separate constituencies for UK House of Commons and Northern Ireland Assembly elections i e North Belfast, East Antrim and South Antrim.

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The MP for South Antrim Road is Paul Girvan whilst the MLAS for the seat are Trevor Clarke and Pam Cameron of the DUP, John Blair of the APNI, Steve Aiken of the UUP and Declan Kearney of Sinn Fein.

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Much of the Antrim Road is within Belfast City Council, specifically the Castle and Oldpark district electoral areas.

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Several primary schools are found in and around the Antrim Road including Edmund Rice, Holy Family, Currie Primary School, St Therese of Liseux Primary School and Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.

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Antrim Road was the scene of several high-profile attacks and killings during the conflict known as the Troubles.

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Indeed, as late as 2011 the Antrim Road was still being affected by the hangover of the Troubles when in January of that year the Glandore area around Skegoneill Avenue was closed due to a car bomb left by dissident republicans.

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