13 Facts About Northern Ireland Assembly

1. Northern Ireland Assembly has 9 statutory committees, each of which is charged with scrutinising the activities of a single ministerial department.

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2. The very first bill of the Northern Ireland Assembly was to do with members' pensions and was taken through with minimum ado by a member of the Commission.

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3. Northern Ireland Assembly is chaired by the Speaker and three Deputy Speakers, of whom one is appointed Principal Deputy Speaker.

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4. The Northern Ireland Assembly can vote to dissolve itself early by a two-thirds majority of the total number of its members.

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5. The Northern Ireland Assembly is dissolved shortly before the holding of elections on a day chosen by the Secretary of State.

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6. The second election to the Northern Ireland Assembly was delayed by the UK government until 26 November 2003.

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7. Northern Ireland Assembly has authority to legislate in a field of competences known as "transferred matters".

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8. Northern Ireland Assembly has both legislative powers and responsibility for electing the Northern Ireland Executive.

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9. In 1982 another Northern Ireland Assembly was established at Stormont, initially as a body to scrutinise the actions of the Secretary of State, the British minister with responsibility for Northern Ireland.

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10. In turn, the Northern Ireland Assembly selects most of the ministers of the Northern Ireland Executive using the principle of power-sharing under the D'Hondt method to ensure that Northern Ireland's largest voting blocs, unionists and Irish nationalists, both participate in governing the region.

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11. Northern Ireland Assembly is a unicameral, democratically elected body comprising 90 members known as Members of the Legislative Assembly.

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12. The Northern Ireland Assembly is currently in a period of suspension, after it collapsed in January 2017 due to policy disagreements within the leadership and the resignation of the late Martin McGuinness.

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13. Northern Ireland Assembly is the devolved legislature of Northern Ireland.

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