14 Facts About St Andrews

1. St Andrews is a town, that has its name from Saint Andrew the Apostle and is a former royal burgh on the east coast of Fife, Scotland, and an important home of golf.

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2. St Andrews is a unique and captivating place, and the University is a key part of its charm.

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3. St Andrews has the higher rate of students going on to further study in the UK.

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4. St Andrews Links Golf Academy features four technology studios equipped with the latest coaching systems including biomechanics.

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5. St Andrews Links takes up almost 300 hectares and The Castle Course almost 90 hectares.

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6. St Andrews calls everyone into his office to announce who he has chosen to the be the new Chief of Surgery.

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7. The University of St Andrews have expressed plans to provide a new multimillion-pound leisure centre to replace East Sands.

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8. St Andrews is about the furthest north annual levels of above 1500 hours are encountered.

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9. St Andrews has a temperate maritime climate, which is relatively mild despite its northerly latitude.

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10. In 2016, St Andrews was reported to be home to the "Most Expensive Street in Scotland", with average house prices in The Scores in excess of 2 million pounds.

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11. St Andrews forms part of the North East Fife constituency, electing one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom by the first past the post system.

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12. St Andrews is represented by several tiers of elected government.

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13. St Andrews is known worldwide as the "home of golf".

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14. St Andrews has a recorded population of 16,800 in 2011, making it Fife's fourth largest settlement and 45th most populous settlement in Scotland.

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