21 Facts About Anyang Gyeonggi


Anyang Gyeonggi is divided into two-halves for administrative purposes: the Manan district to the west and Dongan district to the east.

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The tallest building in Anyang Gyeonggi is the Acro Tower, which was completed in April 2007.

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Anyang Gyeonggi is a convenient transportation center between Seoul and other major cities across the country.

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The river runs through the center of Anyang Gyeonggi city and is a common place for people to walk, jog, or ride bikes.

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Anyang Gyeonggi is very cold and dry in winter and hot and humid in summer.

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Anyang Gyeonggi itself is a Buddhist term signifying a heavenly land where unimaginable joy and freedom overflow.

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Anyang Gyeonggi was severely battered by warfare during the Korean War.

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Anyang Gyeonggi was given city status in 1973 and has grown to become the 15th most populated city in the country.

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Anyang Gyeonggi has the country's only Singing Road, which is made from grooves cut into the ground, which driven over causes a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the car body.

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Anyang Gyeonggi has 17 weekly newspaper publishers, one television program provider and one general broadcaster.

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In 2011 a film about Anyang Gyeonggi won the Korean Feature Competition, at the Jeonju Intl.

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Anyang Gyeonggi is home to the HL Anyang Gyeonggi ice hockey team which play in the Asia League Ice Hockey.

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Anyang Gyeonggi is home to the Anyang Gyeonggi KGC basketball team, playing in the Korean Basketball League.

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Anyang Gyeonggi founded its own professional football team in 2013, FC Anyang Gyeonggi, who plays in the K League 2.

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FC Anyang Gyeonggi are a citizen team, funded by the city council along with sponsorship money from principal sponsor, Kookmin Bank.

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Anyang Gyeonggi has an inline roller skating stadium which hosted the 2006 World Roller Speed Skating Championships, and an inline skate rink in Pyeongchon at Anyang Gyeonggi Central Park.

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The majority of visitors to Anyang Gyeonggi's attractions are either domestic travelers or local residents.

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Anyang Gyeonggi possesses dozens of nationally recognised 'tangible assets' including Manan Bridge, and the Maaejong rock engraving of a bell from the end of the Silla Dynasty.

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Anyang Gyeonggi has 15 traditional markets and 4 shopping districts which include 3 department stores and 9 other large scale stores.

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In 2013, Anyang Gyeonggi was listed as one of the most polluted cities in the world's largest economies, with nearly 70 micrograms of particulate matter of less than 10 micron size per cubic meter.

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Anyang Gyeonggi has many medical facilities, including four general hospitals, five hospitals, 331 clinics, 191 dental clinics, 141 oriental medical hospitals, two health centres and two long-term care hospitals.

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