11 Facts About AOL Radio


AOL Radio powered by Slacker was an online radio service available in the United States only.

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On May 22,2002, AOL released the free Radio@Netscape for non-members as part of the new Netscape 7.

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AOL Radio did this to avoid paying copyright royalties and to encourage users to become AOL Radio members.

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On November 28,2007, AOL announced that they might shut down their web radio services after a 38 percent increase in royalties to air music.

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On February 4,2010, AOL Radio banned users outside the US from streaming online radio.

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In October 2011, AOL ended its partnership with CBS Radio and became partners with Slacker, moving AOL's 250 pre-programmed stations to the new service.

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In July 2013, AOL Radio updated the site's look to match that of its parent company Slacker Radio.

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AOL Radio was merged with Slacker Radio and discontinued on December 1,2017.

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In July 2005, a web version of AOL Radio was introduced for non-members with unlimited listening.

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On July 10,2008, AOL Radio released a client for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch via the App Store offering mobile streaming of all stations though WiFi, EDGE and 3G cellular connections.

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AOL Radio was available through the AOL Instant Messenger service, and Winamp.

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