17 Facts About CBS Radio


CBS Radio is one of the oldest units within CBS Corporation, and has been around since 1928.

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However, the actual CBS Radio Network was launched in 1927, when CBS itself was known as United Independent Broadcasters.

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Company that would become CBS Radio was founded in 1972 as Infinity Broadcasting Corporation by Michael A Wiener and Gerald Carrus, with the acquisition of KOME, an FM radio station that served the San Francisco Bay Area.

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In 2008, CBS Radio started the process of paring down its station holdings, with a particular focus on ridding itself of stations in mid-sized markets, and markets where there are no television stations for synergistic advantages.

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On July 31,2008, CBS Radio announced that it would sell 50 more radio stations in 12 mid-size markets.

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On December 20,2008, CBS Radio announced that it would sell the entire Denver cluster to Wilks Broadcasting for $19.

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On December 1,2014, CBS Radio traded 14 stations—its Charlotte, North Carolina and Tampa Bay clusters as well as WIP in Philadelphia—to Beasley Broadcast Group in exchange for WRDW-FM and WXTU in Philadelphia and WKIS, WPOW, and WQAM in Miami.

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CBS Radio argued that it did not play pre-1972 sound recordings, but remastered versions of recordings published from compilations with copyrights registered after 1972, making them separate works subject to federal copyright and eligible for compulsory licenses.

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In July 2016, CBS Radio filed for a planned IPO, which would have spun off the subsidiary as a separate, publicly traded company.

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On February 2,2017, CBS Radio announced that it had agreed to merge with Entercom, at the time the fourth-largest radio broadcaster in the United States; the sale was to be conducted using a Reverse Morris Trust so that it would be tax-free.

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In January 2006, rock star David Lee Roth, Rover's Morning Glory, and talk show host Adam Carolla replaced Stern in most major radio markets, and CBS Radio launched its new "Free FM" hot talk format in many of these markets.

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Stern anticipated the suit, and earlier that day, prior to CBS Radio' announcement, held a press conference, discussing how CBS Radio added to the media attention, even booking him for appearances on Late Show with David Letterman and 60 Minutes.

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CBS Radio owned the majority of stations in the United States that broadcast the Jack FM format, a radio format that incorporates all types of popular music from the mid-50s to the present.

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New York, Chicago and Houston had Jack FM stations, too; the New York City station, WCBS Radio-FM has reverted to its traditional oldies format, and Jack was carried on its HD2 subchannel.

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CBS Radio was the largest broadcaster of local Major League Baseball broadcasts.

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In 2005 and 2007 respectively, CBS Radio dropped the St Louis Cardinals from KMOX and the Pittsburgh Pirates from KDKA, ending two long relationships between the teams and their flagship stations.

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CBS Radio's WFAN is the flagship station of the New York Yankees and WSCR is the flagship station of the Chicago Cubs.

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