29 Facts About Entercom


Entercom took advantage of the change to expand its presence in the markets where it already operated.

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In January 1999, Entercom went public in an IPO in which it raised around $236 million.

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That year, Entercom announced that it would direct its radio stations not to play songs that promoted violence.

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In May 2014, Entercom announced its launch of SmartReach Digital product line focused on creating digital marketing options for small and medium businesses.

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On December 8,2014, Entercom announced its acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media for $105 million; the deal gave the company 14 additional stations in Atlanta; Denver; Miami; and San Diego.

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The stations Entercom exchanged with Bonneville were KOSI-FM, KYGO-FM, KKFN-FM and KEPN-AM.

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Entercom previously owned KOSI-FM, while the remaining stations were acquired through the acquisition of LFM.

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In October 2016, Entercom announced that it would acquire four radio stations in Charlotte, North Carolina, from Beasley Broadcast Group for $24 million in cash.

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On Suicide Prevention Day in 2017 Entercom launched “I'm Listening, ” a program dedicated to ending the stigma of talking about Mental Health.

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Later that year, Entercom launched CHANNEL Q, an LGBTQ+ Talk Radio Network providing LGBTQ+ news and information, pop culture and new music.

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On February 13,2019, Entercom announced that it would trade its Indianapolis cluster to Cumulus Media for WNSH in New York City, WMAS-FM in Enfield, Connecticut, and WHLL in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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In September 2019, Entercom partnered with Apple to integrate its news, sports and music stations into the Apple iOS13 software and soon after, the company expanded RADIO.

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Early in 2020, Entercom opened an HD Radio Sound Space in Los Angeles as an event space and home for future live events.

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In September 2020 Clark Atlanta University partnered with Entercom, to give Mass Media Arts Students at the university access to company representatives in programming, sales, digital, and on-air talent.

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On October 21,2020, Entercom announced a partnership with the National Urban League to advance racial justice and equity in the communities they serve.

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In March 2021, Entercom acquired podcast ad network Podcorn in a deal valued at $22.

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Entercom reached a long-term licensing agreement with Global Music Rights, allowing the company to perform all of the songs from songwriters and publishers represented by the performance rights organization.

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On February 2,2017, Entercom announced that it had agreed to merge with CBS Radio.

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Entercom shut down KDND in Sacramento and returned its license to the FCC, with its programming moved to sister station KUDL.

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On November 1,2017, Entercom announced a settlement with the Department of Justice, which allowed their merger with CBS Radio.

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Entercom announced a series of asset exchange agreements with iHeartMedia and Beasley Broadcast Group in Boston, Seattle, Richmond and Chattanooga; and local marketing agreements with Bonneville International Corporation in San Francisco and Sacramento.

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Entercom introduced a new corporate logo as well as other corporate strategy changes.

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Entercom has partnerships with additional professional teams including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Red Wings.

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On July 19,2018, Entercom announced that it would acquire Philadelphia market-leader WBEB from Jerry Lee Radio for $57.

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In late 2020, Entercom expanded into sports betting with a six-year partnership to make FanDuel its official sportsbook.

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Just weeks after announcing a partnership with FanDuel, Entercom acquired sports data and iGaming affiliate platform QL Gaming Group in an all-cash deal for approximately $32 million.

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In 2019, Entercom announced its acquisition of Pineapple Street Media, a podcast producer, and the remaining portion of Cadence13.

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In 2021, Entercom acquired podcast ad network Podcorn, a deal valued at $22.

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In 2017, Entercom purchased a 45 percent stake in DGital Media for $9.

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