10 Facts About 60 Minutes


The logo was in Helvetica type with the word "60 Minutes" spelled in all lower-case letters; the logo most associated with the show did not appear until about 1974.

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However, in the Pacific time zone, 60 Minutes is always able to start at its scheduled time as live sports coverage ends earlier in the afternoon.

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Video from 60 Minutes is made available for streaming several hours after the program's initial broadcast on CBSNews.

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Opening sequence features a 60 Minutes "magazine cover" with the show's trademark, an Aristo stopwatch, intercut with preview clips of the episode's stories.

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Stopwatch counts off each of the broadcast's 60 minutes, starting from zero at the beginning of each show.

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Years later, Dateline NBC, a rival to 60 Minutes, was found guilty of similar tactics regarding the fuel tank integrity of General Motors pickup trucks.

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Davies stood by his story, but the inconsistency ultimately prompted 60 Minutes to conclude it was a mistake to include Davies in their report and a correction was issued.

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That alternative version was shared with US authorities and 60 Minutes was unable to prove the story Davies had told them was true.

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Main 60 Minutes show has created a number of spin-offs over the years.

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New Zealand version of 60 Minutes has aired on national television since 1989, when it was originally launched on TV3.

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