8 Facts About 60 Minutes

1. New Zealand version of 60 Minutes has aired on national television since 1989, when it was originally launched on TV3.

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2. In 1980, 60 Minutes won a Logie Award for their investigation of lethal abuses at the Chelmsford psychiatric hospital in Sydney.

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3. On March 30, 2014, 60 Minutes presented a story on the Tesla Model S luxury electric automobile in a segment, with Scott Pelley conducting an interview with CEO Elon Musk concerning the car brand as well as his SpaceX company.

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4. On December 15, 2013, 60 Minutes aired a report on the National Security Agency that was widely criticized as false and a "puff piece.

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5. On March 12, 2000, 60 Minutes aired an interview with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

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6. In February 1989, 60 Minutes aired a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council claiming that the use of daminozide on apples presented an unacceptably high health risk to consumers.

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7. On November 23, 1986, 60 Minutes aired a segment greenlit by Hewitt, concerning the Audi 5000 automobile, a popular German luxury car.

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8. At the conclusion of an NFL game, 60 Minutes will air in its entirety.

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