23 Facts About Apple Daily


Apple Daily was a newspaper published in Hong Kong from 1995 to 2021.

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Apple Daily was founded on 20 June 1995 by garment businessman Jimmy Lai.

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Oriental Apple Daily dropped its price to $2 from $5 per issue in December 1995.

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Apple Daily reduced its retail price to $4 one day after Oriental Daily announced a 10 per cent drop in its circulation.

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In 2019, Apple Daily was an award winner of the Hong Kong Human Rights Press Awards for their reporting on Liu Xia, the wife of Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo.

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In 2020, Apple Daily launched the English edition of its digital newspaper.

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Apple Daily is described to have introduced tabloid journalism to the Hong Kong market.

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Apple Daily attracted public criticism in 1998 for a report about a woman who jumped off a building after pushing her children out the window.

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Apple Daily published a photo of the man with two prostitutes soon after the deaths.

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Apple Daily was ordered by a court to pay Chu more than in damages for defamation.

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In 2000, an Apple Daily reporter was sentenced to 10 months in jail for bribing police officers for information on criminal cases.

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Journalism scholar Paul Lee said the establishment of Apple Daily has changed the Hong Kong newspaper ecosystem by transforming broadsheet newspapers into tabloids.

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Apple Daily did not join the self-regulation panel of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong.

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Apple Daily is known for its coverage of breaking news and current affairs in Hong Kong and China.

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In 2003, Apple Daily was critical of the second Tung Chee-hwa administration, encouraging readers to participate in pro-democracy demonstrations with its front-page headline.

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Apple Daily said Chinese-sponsored hackers have attacked it almost every week.

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FireEye said in 2014 that denial-of-service attacks on Apple Daily were professional cyberattacks that may have been coordinated by the Chinese government.

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Hong Kong offices of Apple Daily were raided by over 200 national security officers on 10 August 2020, following the arrest of Lai the previous day for alleged violations of the recently implemented national security law.

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International communities responded to Apple Daily's raid with condemnation, with global organisations highlighting the erosion of press freedom in Hong Kong.

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The Asia Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association expressed their support for Apple Daily, and urged Hong Kong's leaders to uphold the values of free speech.

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Apple Daily uploaded a live stream of their print production process.

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Apple Daily urged staff members to fight on, with the support of the Hong Kong people, and not let them down.

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Amnesty International said that the "forced closure of Apple Daily is the blackest day for media freedom in Hong Kong's recent history".

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