13 Facts About Aranjuez


Aranjuez is a city and municipality of Spain, part of the Community of Madrid.

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Aranjuez became one of the Royal Estates of the Crown of Spain in 1560, during the reign of Philip II.

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Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

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Alfonso VI took control of the territory near the Tagus, including Aranjuez, following the 1085 conquest of the Taifa of Toledo.

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Aranjuez was chosen as seat of the Mesa Maestral of the Order of Santiago in 1272.

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Aranjuez was extensively redesigned in the 18th century by Santiago Bonavia.

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In 1752, during the reign of Ferdinand VI Aranjuez, previously reserved for the royal family, nobles of the royal court and palace servants started to be opened providing overnight accommodation for visitors, who had previously been obliged to lodge in nearby settlements such as Ocana.

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Weir in the Tagus River which is alongside to the Royal Palace of Aranjuez was constructed in 1753 to power a water wheel for milling wheat flour.

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An uprising, the so-called Mutiny of Aranjuez, took place on 17 March 1808 when the royal family and the government were staying at Aranjuez while on their way south, anticipating a French invasion from the north.

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Aranjuez has always been an attractive city for tourists with its Royal Palace, the gardens, the Tagus river and the landscapes.

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Aranjuez is located on the fertile plain in the deep, high sided valley of the river Tagus, whose rich soil is suitable for growing wheat and other cereals.

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Aranjuez enjoys excellent road and rail links to the Spanish capital city of Madrid.

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Austrian writer Peter Handke wrote the play Die schonen Tage von Aranjuez, which was translated into English by Michael Roloff.

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