11 Facts About Archibald Chisholm


Archibald Chisholm attended Westminster School and subsequently graduated from Christ Church, Oxford.

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Archibald Chisholm played football at Christ Church and later claimed to have played tennis with Helen Wills-Moody.

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Archibald Chisholm was a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

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Archibald Chisholm returned to the oil industry after the Second World War and was part of the delegation to the International Court of Justice that argued the case of British Petroleum following the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry in 1951.

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Archibald Chisholm remained part of BP until 1962 and subsequently served as an adviser to the company until 1972.

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Archibald Chisholm joined the British Army in 1940 during the Second World War; serving in intelligence in the Middle East.

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Archibald Chisholm had attained the rank of Colonel by the end of the war and was Mentioned in dispatches twice.

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Archibald Chisholm became friends with the novelist Alec Waugh during his intelligence work in the war and the pair would frequently dine at the MCC in later years.

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Archibald Chisholm received the CBE as part of the Military Division in the 1946 New Year Honours.

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Archibald Chisholm married Josephine Goudge, they married at St John-at-Hampstead in October 1939.

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Archibald Chisholm moved to No 4 Gainsborough Gardens in Hampstead in 1947.

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