26 Facts About Argentinos Juniors


Argentinos Juniors played its home matches in the field located on Gaona Avenue and Anasco Street.

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In 1909, Argentinos gained affiliation with the Argentine Football Association, but in 1912 the club was involved in the first schism in Argentine football when Argentinos joined the breakaway "Federacion Argentina de Football".

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In 1925, the Argentinos Juniors moved to its current location in La Paternal neighborhood, acquiring land at San Martin Avenue and Punta Arenas Street and building a stadium with a capacity of 10,000.

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In 1931 Argentinos Juniors joined 17 other clubs in forming a breakaway professional league, a move that marked the beginning of the professional era of Argentine football.

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Argentinos Juniors played on but finished bottom of the league with only 2 wins from 39 games.

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Argentinos Juniors was allowed to keep its place in the Primera, but succumbed to relegation in 1937 after finishing second from bottom of the table.

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In 1940 Argentinos Juniors enjoyed a good campaign in a new stadium, which ended up in winning the 2nd division, but the club was not allowed promotion because their ground did not meet the requirements of the Primera Division, and AFA would not make an exception for Argentinos Juniors to play at another ground, even though they had done so for several other promoted clubs in previous seasons.

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In 1948 Argentinos Juniors suffered another injustice at the hands of the AFA.

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In 1954 Argentinos Juniors finished 2nd in the league having scored 88 goals, making it the highest scoring team by far.

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Argentinos Juniors returned to top flight competition in 1956 and after finishing near the bottom of the table that year, the team secured comfortable mid-table finishes over the next few seasons.

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Argentinos Juniors finished in 3rd place, only 2 points below the eventual champions Independiente.

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From 1971 Argentinos Juniors stabilized themselves and avoided the lower positions in the table, they qualified to play in the expanded Nacional tournaments of the early '70s, they performed well enough, but failed to qualify for the final stages.

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In 1975 Argentinos Juniors finished 19th of 20 teams, but were fortunate in that no teams were relegated from the Metropolitano that season.

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Argentinos Juniors lost the game but Diego went on to propel the club forward over the next four years and to achieve great successes with other clubs and the Argentina national team.

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In 1980 Argentinos Juniors finished 2nd in the Metropolitano and reached the quarter finals of the Nacional.

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In 1982 Argentinos Juniors failed to progress to the latter stages of the Nacional and finished in mid table in the Metropolitano.

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Argentinos Juniors managed to win the title by a single point over Ferro Carril Oeste on the last day of the season.

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Argentinos Juniors performed well, finishing in the top half of the table for most of the rest of the 1980s and never fearing relegation, although Argentinos Juniors never really challenged as title contender.

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Argentinos Juniors finished 20th and last in 1995 Clausura and was again saved by the points averaging system, the next year squad finished bottom of the Clausura and was relegated from the Primera Division only eleven years after being champions of South America.

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The best finish Argentinos Juniors managed in that period was 4th in the 2001 Clausura.

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Argentinos Juniors spent two seasons in the 2nd division before returning in 2004 through a playoff with Talleres de Cordoba who had finished the season in 3rd place in the Primera, but had to play in the relegation playoff due to effect of their poor form in the previous 2 seasons on their standings in the points averaging table.

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Argentinos Juniors spent a couple of nervous seasons narrowly avoiding relegation in 2005 by beating Atletico de Rafaela in a playoff.

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In 2008 Argentinos Juniors earned the right to play in an international tournament for the first time in 12 years by qualifying for the Copa Sudamericana 2008.

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Argentinos Juniors won its 6th fixture against Estudiantes de La Plata which was the start of a 14-game unbeaten streak that saw Argentinos Juniors finish 1-point ahead of Estudiantes at the end of the season.

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Some sources state that this jersey was worn during the first years of the team because the Argentine Football Association did not allow Argentinos Juniors to register a red uniform due to it having been previously adopted by Club Atletico Independiente.

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Between 1983 and 2003 Argentinos Juniors had a groundshare with Ferro Carril Oeste at Estadio Ricardo Etcheverry.

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