10 Facts About Aristobulus II


Aristobulus II was the Jewish High Priest and King of Judea, 66 BCE to 63 BCE, from the Hasmonean dynasty.

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Aristobulus II was the younger son of Alexander Jannaeus, King and High Priest, and Salome Alexandra.

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Aristobulus II shared his late father's views on religion and politics.

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Aristobulus II entertained designs upon the throne, even during the life of his mother.

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Aristobulus II courted the nobles and military party by constituting himself the patron of the Sadducees and bringing their cause before the queen.

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Aristobulus II left Jerusalem secretly and betook himself to his friends, who controlled the largest number of fortified places, with the intention of making war against his aged mother.

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Aristobulus II sent his deputy Marcus Aemilius Scaurus to take possession of Seleucid Syria.

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Aristobulus II favoured Hyrcanus II over Aristobulus II, deeming the elder, weaker brother a more reliable ally of the Roman Empire.

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Aristobulus II escaped in 57 BCE, instigating rebellion against Rome in Judea, until he was finally holed up by Aulus Gabinius, consul of the Roman province of Syria, in Machaerus.

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Aristobulus II was on his way to Judaea with his son Alexander, when "he was taken off by poison given him by those of Pompey's party".

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