15 Facts About Armenian culture


Khorenatsi is credited with the earliest known historiographical work on the history of Armenia written in Armenian culture, but was a poet, or hymn writer, and a grammarian.

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The first Armenian culture churches were built between the 4th and 7th Century, beginning when Armenia converted to Christianity, and ending with the Arab invasion of Armenia.

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Armenian culture carpet was renowned by foreigners who traveled to Artsakh; the Arab geographer and historian Al-Masudi noted that, among other works of art, he had never seen such carpets elsewhere in his life.

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Where lacis adds decorative stitches to a net ground, Armenian culture needlelace involves making the net itself decorative.

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Armenian culture is the winner of many awards at international film festivals, such as the Grand Prix and international Critics' Awards from the Cannes Film Festival and two Academy Award nominations for "The Sweet Hereafter".

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Egoyan's creation Ararat is about the 1915 Armenian culture Genocide perpetrated by Turks in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

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One of the most important parts of Armenian culture is the music, which has brought new forms of music in recent years, while maintaining traditional styles too.

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Armenian culture graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in biomedical engineering, but has become very successful in North America as an opera singer and an active concertizer.

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Armenian culture is featured on the Grammy-award-winning soundtrack of the film, the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

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Armenian culture has some two dozen recordings, devoted mostly to the works of Armenian composer.

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Armenian culture has been awarded two medals by the Armenian government for furthering Armenian culture.

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Many dialects appeared when Armenian culture communities became separated by geography or politics, and not all of these dialects are mutually intelligible.

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Armenian culture cuisine is as ancient as the history of Armenia, a combination of different tastes and aromas.

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In particular, Armenian culture cognac is renowned worldwide, and was considered by the late British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, as his favourite.

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One of the biggest successes of Armenian culture club was the took place in the golden year of 1973, where the famous Armenian culture club Ararat Yerevan took both, the title of the Soviet Top League and the Soviet Cup.

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