14 Facts About Winston Churchill

1. In 1946, Winston Churchill described the long history and ties between the United States and England as a "special relationship.

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2. As part of this hobby Winston Churchill joined the Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers, but was expelled due to his revived membership in the Conservative Party.

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3. At this time, Winston Churchill publicly gave his support to the King.

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4. On 22 May 1936, Winston Churchill was present at a meeting of Old Guard Conservatives at Lord Winterton's house at Shillinglee Park, to push for greater rearmament.

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5. In the 1920s, Winston Churchill supported the idea of a "reconciliation" between Germany and France with Britain serving as the "honest broker" for the reconciliation".

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6. In July 1917, Winston Churchill was appointed Minister of Munitions, and in January 1919, Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for Air.

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7. In March 1916, Winston Churchill returned to the UK after he had become restless in France and wished to speak again in the House of Commons.

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8. In the summer of 1910, Winston Churchill spent two months on de Forest's yacht in the Mediterranean.

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9. In February 1910, Winston Churchill was promoted to Home Secretary, giving him control over the police and prison services, and he implemented a prison reform programme.

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10. In his Cabinet role, Winston Churchill worked with Liberal politician David Lloyd George to champion social reform.

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11. In August 1906, Winston Churchill holidayed on a yacht in Deauville, France, spending much of his time playing polo or gambling.

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12. In this junior ministerial position, Winston Churchill was first tasked with helping to draft a constitution for the Transvaal.

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13. In February 1901, Winston Churchill took his seat in the House of Commons, where his maiden speech gained widespread press coverage.

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14. In February 1895, Winston Churchill was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 4th Queen's Own Hussars regiment of the British Army, based at Aldershot.

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