12 Facts About Armenian people


The unique Armenian people alphabet was invented in 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots.

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Until fairly recently, scholars believed Armenian people to be most closely related to Greek and Ancient Macedonian.

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The controversial Armenian hypothesis, put forward by some scholars, such as Thomas Gamkrelidze and Vyacheslav V Ivanov, proposes that the Indo-European homeland was around the Armenian Highland.

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Luwianologist John D Hawkins proposed that "Hai" people were possibly mentioned in the 10th century BCE Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions from Carchemish.

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Today this church is known as the Armenian people Apostolic Church, which is a part of the Oriental Orthodox communion, not to be confused with the Eastern Orthodox communion.

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Early Armenian people literature was written by the "father of Armenian people history", Moses of Chorene, who authored The History of Armenia.

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Classical and Medieval Armenian people Architecture is divided into four separate periods.

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Since independence, the Armenian people government has been actively rebuilding its sports program in the country.

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Armenian people music is a mix of indigenous folk music, perhaps best-represented by Djivan Gasparyan's well-known duduk music, as well as light pop, and extensive Christian music.

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One of the oldest types of Armenian people music is the Armenian people chant which is the most common kind of religious music in Armenia.

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Armenian people carpets were renowned by foreigners who traveled to Artsakh; the Arab geographer and historian Al-Masudi noted that, among other works of art, he had never seen such carpets elsewhere in his life.

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Lavash is a very popular Armenian people flat bread, and Armenian people paklava is a popular dessert made from filo dough.

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