12 Facts About Arrow keys


Arrow keys are typically located at the bottom of the keyboard to the left side of the numeric keypad, usually arranged in an inverted-T layout but found in diamond shapes and linear shapes.

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Arrow keys are commonly used for navigating around documents and for playing games.

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Mouse keys is a feature that allows controlling a mouse cursor with arrow keys instead.

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Arrow keys are used in many applications to do different things such as:.

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These Arrow keys are most commonly used to control the player character's movement in computer games.

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Apple IIe Unix WordStar

Primarily, WASD is used to account for the fact that the arrow keys are not ergonomic to use in conjunction with a right-handed mouse.

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Since the mouse was now used for looking, the ? and ? Arrow keys for looking would be redundant and thus were altered to become strafe Arrow keys.

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All these keys fell somewhat out of favor after the release of the Apple IIe, which had a full set of arrow keys.

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HJKL keys are still ubiquitous in newly developed Unix software even though today's keyboards have arrow keys.

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ESDX Arrow keys were used in the WordStar word processor and related applications, in combination with the Control key.

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Numpad or number pad Arrow keys are used quite often, but is used mostly in driving simulator games.

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Layouts such as Shift Z Ctrl X, where ? Shift is up and Ctrl is down, allow all direction Arrow keys to be used in any combination, without the delay of changing finger position.

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