18 Facts About Arun Shourie

1. Arun Shourie was on campus recently to speak about affirmative action in India, and discussed a wide range of issues in an interview with Knowledge@Wharton and Devesh Kapur, director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India.

2. Arun Shourie has written numerous books that he is a great writer, according to Nussbaum, are.

3. Arun Shourie is an Indian economist, [18] journalist, author and politician.

4. Arun Shourie is what a journalist should be tireless, uncompromising, analytically brilliant and progressive.

5. Arun Shourie was a very logical person, once upon a time.

6. Arun Shourie announced that it is his custom to ask his son, Aditya, who has cerebral palsy, to release his books.

7. Arun Shourie is the man who saw today 30 years ago.

8. Arun Shourie has inflicted a festering wound on the psuedo seculars and the eminent historians.

9. Arun Shourie is a man even his opponents would not like to know.

10. Arun Shourie is a prominent journalist, author, and politician of India.

11. Arun Shourie had studied in India before going abroad in the early 1960s.

12. Arun Shourie wonders why Ramakrishna or Ramana got visitation or visions of those deities and figures revered in their world view.

13. Arun Shourie is not the only one who seems dismissive of such miracles.

14. Arun Shourie reminds us that Swami Vivekananda in a letter to Alasinga Perumal warned against miracle mongering.

15. Arun Shourie mentions the spontaneous alarm that escaped a senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order who called this endeavor to be "profaning the Divine".

16. Arun Shourie arguing in the Supreme Court cited an interview by former Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar.

17. Arun Shourie was born in Jalandhar, British India, on 2 November 1941.

18. Arun Shourie is an Indian economist, journalist, author and politician.