14 Facts About Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh is the largest of the Seven Sister States of Northeast India by area.

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Arunachal Pradesh means Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains, which is the sobriquet for the state in Sanskrit.

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In 2008, he said that "Arunchal Arunachal Pradesh was a part of India under the agreement signed by Tibetan and British representatives".

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Arunachal Pradesh has faced threats from insurgent groups, notably the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, who are believed to have base camps in the districts of Changlang and Tirap.

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Arunachal Pradesh suffered political crisis between April 2016 and December 2016.

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Arunachal Pradesh was succeeded by Pema Khandu as the INC Chief Minister who later joined PPA in September 2016 along with majority of MLAs.

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Major rivers of Arunachal Pradesh include the Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Dibang, Lohit and Noa Dihing rivers.

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Arunachal Pradesh has among the highest diversity of mammals and birds in India.

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Arunachal Pradesh has a total of 25 districts, West Siang being the largest district in terms of area and Tawang being the smallest district.

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In 2008, the government of Arunachal Pradesh signed numerous memorandum of understanding with various companies planning some 42 hydroelectric schemes that will produce electricity in excess of 27, 000 MW.

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Religious landscape of Arunachal Pradesh is diverse with no single religious group representing the majority of the population.

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Almost all Tani languages are indigenous to central Arunachal Pradesh, including the Nyishi, the Apatani, the Tagin, the Galo, the Bokar, the Adi, the Padam, the Pasi, and the Minyong.

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Access to central Arunachal Pradesh has been facilitated by the Bogibeel Bridge, an earthquake-resistant rail and road bridge over the Brahmaputra River in Assam, opened for public use on 25 December 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Arunachal Pradesh got its first railway line in late 2013 with the opening of the new link line from Harmuti on the main Rangpara North–Murkongselak railway line to Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh.

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