17 Facts About Northeast India


Northeast India is the easternmost region of India representing both a geographic and political administrative division of the country.

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Northeast India described the people as "short in stature and black-looking", whose speech differed a little from central India and who were of simple but violent disposition.

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Northeast India wrote that the people in Kamarupa knew of Sichuan, which lay to the kingdom's east beyond a treacherous mountain.

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Northeast India later compiled a book on the interdependence and commonness of the Seven Sister States.

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Northeast India has a predominantly humid sub-tropical climate with hot, humid summers, severe monsoons, and mild winters.

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Northeast India has a subtropical climate that is influenced by its relief and influences from the southwest and northeast monsoons.

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North Eastern Region of Northeast India is a mega-earthquake prone zone caused by active fault planes beneath formed by the convergence of three tectonic plates viz.

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The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Northeast India, has highlighted the region as being rich in wild relatives of crop plants.

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Total population of Northeast India is 46 million with 68 percent of that living in Assam alone.

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Northeast India has over 220 ethnic groups and an equal number of dialects in which Bodo form the largest indigenous ethnic group.

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Besides these, all tribes in Northeast India have their own folk dances associated with their religion and festivals.

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Northeast India is witnessing immense rise of musical revolution in the 21st century.

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Nagen Saikia is the first writer from Assam and the Northeast India, to have been conferred the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship by the Sahitya Akademi.

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Temsula Ao is the first writer from Northeast India to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in the Indian English Literature category for her collection of short stories, Laburnum for My Head, and Padmashree (2007).

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Northeast India's received The Hindu Literary Prize for her novel When the River Sleeps.

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Northeast India has several newspapers in both English and regional languages.

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Railway in Northeast India is delineated as Northeast Frontier Railway zone of Indian Railways.

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